Wild Playgirls 2 (1984)

Directed by: Michel Caputo

Actors: Richard Allan, Alban Ceray and Uschi Karnat

Language:  French

Country:  France | imdb | Dvdrip

Also known as: Die wilden Stunden der schönen Mädchen

Description:  Guys open a resort, they call it “the health farm”, in a large luxurious mansion full of elaborate furniture, decorations and a talking parrot. The place seems really attractive, especially for women. When such goddesses as Eva Klieber or Emmanuelle Pareze come to the place – they feel that they have the world of their dream, the very same place where they can actualize their wildest inner fantasies. Jacques Gateau is raped by one of the women eager to visit the health resort and sexy wild playgirls go for unleashing their lust!



633mb | 62mins | 704×572 | mp4


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3 Responses to Wild Playgirls 2 (1984)

  1. Tom says:

    One of the early films I saw at the local X-rated cinema when I was 17. To this day I can sing along merrily with the theme song, which they took the care to translate into German! The glory days of adult movies, now it’s just suck-fuck-cum. ;)

    • Ralfie says:

      IT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL that ” now it’s just suck-fuck-cum”!This is A NONSENSE!NOW IT’S BETTER than back then!

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