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Tales from the Crypt (1989–1996)


Directed by: Steven Dodd

Stars: John Kassir, Roy Brocksmith, Miguel Ferrer

Language: English, German (2tracks) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description: Tales of horror based on the gruesome E.C. comic books of the 1950s presented by the legendary Crypt Keeper, a sinister ghoul obsessed with gallows humor and horrific puns.


The Man Who Was Death (1989)  Season 1 Ep1

Starring: William Sadler, J.W. Smith, Roy Brocksmith
Description: After the death penalty is abolished, an executioner continues his former job through freelancing…


423MB | 26:20mins | 714×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


And All Through the House (1989) Season 1 Ep2

Starring: John Kassir, Mary Ellen Trainor, Larry Drake
Description: A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus outfit is on the loose.


381MB | 22:01mins | 710×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Dig That Cat Hes Real Gone (1989) Season 1 Ep3

Starring: John Kassir, Joe Pantoliano, Robert Wuhl
Description: A bum displays his ability to resurrect himself.


506MB | 28:04mins | 714×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Only Sin Deep (1989) Season 1 Ep4

Starring: John Kassir, Lea Thompson, Britt Leach
Description: A hooker learns that beauty is only skin deep.


355MB | 27:18mins | 710×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Lover Come Hack to Me (1989) Season 1 Ep5

Starring: John Kassir, Amanda Plummer, Stephen Shellen
Description: Peggy wants to make sure her honeymoon turns out perfect.


545MB | 28:38mins | 710×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Collection Completed Season 1 Ep6

Starring: John Kassir, M. Emmet Walsh, Audra Lindley
Description: Jonas has been forced into mandatory retirement. He can’t relax, though, because Anita’s friends are driving him crazy.


376MB | 27:21mins | 716×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


============Season 2=============

Dead Right (1990) Season 2 Ep1

Starring: Demi Moore, Jeffrey Tambor, Natalija Nogulich
Description: Cathy wants a rich and successful life, and fast. A medium tells her she’ll meet a man who’ll inherit a lot of money, and die soon after. She meets morbidly obese Charlie, who tells her of his rich relatives, and marries him. As it turns out, the medium’s always right.


618MB | 27:56mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

The Switch (1990) Season 2 Ep2

Starring: William Hickey, Rick Rossovich, Kelly Preston
Description: A wealthy and elderly man subjects himself to a revolutionary new treatment in order to please his gold-digger girlfriend. Unfortunately becoming young again turns out to be very expensive.


445MB | 25:37mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Cutting Cards (1990) Season 2 Ep3

Starring: Lance Henriksen, Kevin Tighe, John Kassir
Description: Reno and Sam are a pair of hardcore gamblers who don’t play for fun. They challenge each other in a simple game of cards, and the end result could be deadlier then they could’ve ever bargained for.


300MB | 20:13mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Til Death (1990) Season 2 Ep4

Starring: D.W. Moffett, Pamela Gien, Aubrey Morris
Description: The gold-digging landowner of a Caribbean villa attempts to woo a haughty rich young woman with the aid of a potion made by his ex-lover; a voodoo priestess. But trouble ensues when he ignores the warnings about the potion.


435MB | 26:14mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Threes a Crowd (1990) Season 2 Ep5

Starring: Gavan O’Herlihy, Ruth de Sosa, Paul Lieber
Description: A married couple is trying to enjoy their anniversary. However, the husband is sure his wife is cheating on him.


466MB | 27:50mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

The Thing from the Grave (1990) Season 2 Ep6

Starring: Miguel Ferrer, Teri Hatcher, Kyle Secor
Description: When an abusive agent learns that his sexy model of a girlfriend is cheating on him with a photographer, he kills him and later kidnaps his girlfriend, but soon learns the love is more powerful in death


373MB | 21:21mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


The Sacrifice (1990) Season 2 Ep7

Starring: Kim Delaney, Kevin Kilner, Don Hood
Description: An insurance salesman murders an obnoxious tycoon to get his seductive wife and his fortune, but later is blackmailed by a rival.


418MB | 27:48mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

For Cryin’ Out Loud (1990) Season 2 Ep8

Starring: Lee Arenberg, Katey Sagal, Iggy Pop
Description: A greedy rock promoter tries to steal the money raised at a benefit concert when his conscience intervenes.


455MB | 27:43mins | 714×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Four-Sided Triangle (1990) Season 2 Ep9

Starring: Patricia Arquette, Chelcie Ross, Susan Blommaert
Description: Farmer George is attracted to Mary Jo, the nubile young woman who helps out with the chores. The problem is… she’s in love with a scarecrow.


470MB | 28:07mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

The Ventriloquist’s Dummy (1990) Season 2 Ep10

Starring: Don Rickles, Bobcat Goldthwait, John Kassir
Description: Amateur ventriloquist Billy Goldman learns that being a ventriloquist might not be the best career for him.


385MB | 23:57mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Judy, You’re Not Yourself Today (1990) Season 2 Ep11

Starring: Frances Bay, Carol Kane, Brian Kerwin
Description: A housewife stressed out by her husbands reckless behavior welcomes an elderly cosmetics saleswoman in to her home. Only to discover that the old hag has another more devious motive.


472MB | 28:15mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Fitting Punishment (1990) Season 2 Ep12

Starring: Moses Gunn, Jon Clair, Teddy Wilson
Description: When funeral director Ezra Thornberry gets his very polite young nephew Bobby as a roommate, he eventually learns his rude harsh behavior towards him could be fatal.


439MB | 26:32mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Kormans Kalamity (1990) Season 2 Ep13

Starring: Harry Anderson, Cynthia Gibb, Colleen Camp
Description: A cop learns that an illustrator of “Tales from the Crypt” might have the power to make his monstrous creations come to life due to his shrewish wife.


507MB | 27:16mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Lower Berth (1990) Season 2 Ep14

Starring: Lewis Arquette, Stefan Gierasch, Mark Rolston
Description: Enoch, the two-faced man, an attraction at a sideshow, falls in love with a 4,000 year old mummy, eventually leading up to the conception of their bastard child, The Crypt Keeper.


383MB | 25:22mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Mute Witness to Murder (1990) Season 2 Ep15

Starring: Richard Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Reed Birney
Description: Young woman Suzy looks out of the window of her apartment and witnesses a man murdering a woman in the apartment directly across from hers.


376MB | 25:47mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Television Terror (1990) Season 2 Ep16

Starring: Morton Downey Jr., Dorothy Parke, Peter Van Norden
Description: A TV shock journalist gives an on-air tour of an eerie haunted house.


335MB | 81:23mins | 718×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


My Brother’s Keeper (1990) Season 2 Ep17

Starring: Timothy Stack, Jonathan Stark, Jessica Harper
Description: Siamese twins, one timid and kind-hearted and the other reckless and sadistic, must make a decision on whether or not to allow an experimental surgery


409MB | 24:22mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

The Secret (1990) Season 2 Ep18

Starring: Larry Drake, Grace Zabriskie, Mike Simmrin
Description: A young orphan, named Theodore’s adopted by the odd and well-off Colberts, with a dark secret. They’re not the only ones.


348MB | 25:29mins | 720×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


============Season 3=============

Loved to Death (1991) Season 3 Ep1

Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Mariel Hemingway, David Hemmings
Description: A writer falls for his next door neighbor even though she won’t give him the time of day. When his mysterious landlord gives him a potion to make her fall in love with him.


589MB | 28:24mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Carrion Death (1991) Season 3 Ep2

Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, George DelHoyo, John Kassir
Description: A sadistic serial killer has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert.


870MB | 26:54mins | 704×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


The Trap (1991) Season 3 Ep3

Starring: Teri Garr, Bruno Kirby, Bruce McGill
Description: Indebted unhappy married couple, Lou and Irene, commit a life insurance fraud.


471MB | 28:09mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Abra Cadaver (1991) Season 3 Ep4

Starring: Beau Bridges, Tony Goldwyn, Tom Wright
Description: A former potential surgeon sets out to wreak revenge on the brother whose cruel practical joke prevented him from realizing his dream.


562MB | 29:30mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Top Billing (1991) Season 3 Ep5

Starring: Jon Lovitz, Bruce Boxleitner, John Astin
Description: An unattractive and unlucky actor can’t get a role because of his looks. His agent and girlfriend leave him. But he doesn’t intend to give up


536MB | 27:46mins | 708×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Dead Wait (1991) Season 3 Ep6

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, John Rhys-Davies, Vanity
Description: Red Buckley is a natural red head in search of a one-of-a-kind black pearl. He gets a job on a plantation owned by Mr. Duval where the pearl is said to be


437MB | 29:27mins | 704×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


The Reluctant Vampire (1991) Season 3 Ep7

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Sandra Dickinson, George Wendt
Description: A good natured vampire takes a more novel approach to satisfying his blood lust with his chosen undercover employment.


512MB | 29:21mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Easel Kill Ya (1991) Season 3 Ep8

Starring: Tim Roth, Roya Megnot, Nancy Fish
Description: Painter Jack Craig gains himself a wealthy patron when he sells a morbid painting. He soon finds that in order to please his patron, he must continue to paint pictures of death


499MB | 27:40mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Undertaking Palor (1991) Season 3 Ep9

Starring: John Glover, Graham Jarvis, Aron Eisenberg
Description: Four boys find out that the local undertaker and a pharmacist are in cahoots to murder rich locals and profit from their funerals.


722MB | 25:54mins | 714×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Mournin’ Mess (1991) Season 3 Ep10

Starring: Steven Weber, Rita Wilson, Ally Walker
Description: A journalist tries to solve the case of a mysterious serial killer who’s been killing homeless people all across the city.


445MB | 26:50mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Split Second (1991) Season 3 Ep11

Starring: Brion James, Michelle Johnson, Billy Wirth
Description: A beautiful waitress marries the owner of a lumber camp and then quickly starts to realize that he is not what she really wants.


609MB | 27:42mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Deadline (1991) Season 3 Ep12

Starring: Richard Jordan, Jon Polito, Richard Herd
Description: An alcoholic reporter is inspired by a beautiful woman to find a good murder case no matter what.


501MB | 27:17mins | 706×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Spoiled (1991) Season 3 Ep13

Starring: Faye Grant, Alan Rachins, Anita Morris
Description: A soap opera loving housewife bored by her scientist husband always working on his top secret experiments, begins an affair with the cable guy.


570MB | 28:17mins | 708×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Yellow (1991) Season 3 Ep14

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Eric Douglas, Lance Henriksen
Description: After causing the deaths of several of his troops, a spineless son of a WWI general is accused of cowardice.


542MB | 39:11mins | 708×478 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


=============== Season 4 ===============

None But the Lonely Heart (1992) Season 4 Ep1

Starring: Treat Williams, Frances Sternhagen, Henry Gibson
Description: A con artist meets and weds a wealthy old widows through a dating service, then murders them and takes the inheritance, finally gets the date of his dreams – the very worst of them.


401MB | 29:27mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

This’ll Kill Ya (1992) Season 4 Ep2

Starring: Sônia Braga, Dylan McDermott, Cleavon Little
Description: In a research lab, when two colleagues accidentally inject an experimental virus into their sleazy boss that will eventually kill him, he tries to get revenge on them, believing it was no accident.


377MB | 28:08mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

On a Deadman’s Chest (1992) Season 4 Ep3

Starring: Yul Vazquez, Paul Hipp, Tia Carrere
Description: Danny Darwin learns that his new tattoo might be more than just a tattoo.


557MB | 29:08mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Seance (1992) Season 4 Ep4

Starring: Cathy Moriarty, Ben Cross, Ellen Crawford
Description: Two con artist attempt to steal the fortune of a rich man they accidentally killed by creating a fake seance for his blind wife, but not everything goes to plan.


351MB | 24:20mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Beauty Rest (1992) Season 4 Ep5

Starring: Mimi Rogers, Jennifer Rubin, Kathy Ireland
Description: Lie’s not been easy for actress, Helen. She’s getting older and her dreams of hitting the big time are disappearing. When she gets a chance to take part in a beauty contest, she’s determined to do ANYTHING to win.


470MB | 29:26mins | 708×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English


Whats Cookin (1992) Season 4 Ep6

Starring: Christopher Reeve, Bess Armstrong, Art LaFleur
Description: Married couple Fred and Erma’s restaurant has seen better days. But things change once a stranger walks in


467MB | 27:35mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

The New Arrival (1992) Season 4 Ep7

Starring: David Warner, Joan Severance, Zelda Rubinstein
Description: An abnormally difficult child tests a psychologist.


464MB | 26:32mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Showdown (1992) Season 4 Ep8

Starring: David Morse, Neil Giuntoli, Roderick Cook
Description: A gunfighter confronts his past.


460MB | 24:57mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

King of the Road (1992) Season 4 Ep9

Starring: Raymond J. Barry, Brad Pitt, Michelle Bronson
Description: A life on the edge hot rodder named Billy comes to town run by Sheriff Garrett


452MB | 27:25mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

Maniac at Large (1992) Season 4 Ep10

Starring: Blythe Danner, Salome Jens, Clarence Williams III
Description: A mousy librarian over-react reports of a serial killer.


421MB | 27:57mins | 704×480 | mkv | English, German (2tracks) | Sub: English

stay tuned 4 more episodes in future on this page

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29 Responses to Tales from the Crypt (1989–1996)

  1. rc says:

    please post season 6 episode 7, the pit! :)

  2. vikny says:

    Upload More Adult anD softCore Tv Series please thanks…keep Size under 200 to 400 or 500MB

  3. BusterTidley says:

    Thanks for the uploads. But be careful…you give away too much in some of the descriptions…for those who haven’t seen these yet.

  4. Rapolder says:

    I’ve got the seven disk edition from Warner Brothers. Is this the one you’re using. If it is, are you going to post the wide array of feautures, docs, and commentaries? You don’t have to do it for me, I already got them, but I think some of them are good, some not, but it’d interesting for some on here to get them.

  5. sa69 says:


    I do not see in the first and second season a great difference in video quality compared to the dvd with the bluray.

    I’m waiting if you share the other seasons, since from the third season on the DVD if there is a great loss of video quality.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. MissingIntros says:

    Intro is missing on each episode. That is one of the most important parts of a tv show. Can’t believe there’s people that don’t like the intros or get sick of seeing it. Either way not even the first episode has an intro even if people want to claim it’s repetitive.

  7. John Wermuth (Sr) says:

    Great job Rarelust. Your hard work and efforts to bring amazing entertainment to others are not unappreciated.

  8. Cryptkeeper says:

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but it’s gonna take a LONG time to get thru 93 episodes at this rate!

    • rarelust says:

      each episode is complete story and not related to other episode ..
      thats why doesn’t matter

      • tak says:

        That’s right rarelust, what they call an “anthology series”, as with the The Twilight Zone.

        BTW, I just picked up Out of the Unknown, which is an old anthology TV series I didn’t even know about.

        Thanks again RL!

      • jjr says:

        And there is something pleasant to this rhythm of posting, it brings us back to the pre-binging days. I actually like coming back to the post every couple of days to see if there is the pleasant surprise of a new episode.

  9. STAR FTW says:

    awesome stuff

  10. fanaa0 says:


    Are you going to post next seasons? :-) if so –
    Will other seasons come on this same page, or will there be another post?

    Just so I know, if I need to keep this page open :)

  11. Jean-Jacques says:

    Thanks so much for these. How often do you get such a roster of directors working on the same TV show. I am looking forward to the future posts.

  12. Shawn says:

    It was done in 480p to condense them so you could get more episodes onto the actual disc

  13. Henry Limon Derch says:

    The best one in this series is the one with Don Rickles where he’s a puppeteer and his hand grows a head, it’s completely insane.

    “No! Not the meat grinder!!!!”

  14. Bilbo says:

    Thank you!! I’m a little confused.. the source is blu-ray (HD), but its 480p?

    • rarelust says:

      thats how released

    • Ian says:

      The original source is 480p? This is from a BR that didn’t pretend otherwise.

      • rarelust says:

        original is 480p anything better is just upconverted
        93 episodes – 2500 minutes on 7 Blu-Rays in new SD print Uncut 1,33:1 (4:3) PAL
        German audio is surround


  15. Eric shift says:

    Thanks RL,
    Want allowed to see this when I was younger.

  16. OSMOSIS says:

    Beyond INCREDIBLE!!
    Not only are you giving us Alfred Hicthcock every week, but now, we jam with The Crypt Keeper as well starting this week.
    And you wonder WHY we KNOW that Rarelust is THE GREATEST!! YES!!

  17. Steven says:

    Very much looking forward to this series. Thanks.

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