The Defilers (1965)

Directed by:  Lee Frost

Stars: Byron Mabe, Jerome Eden and Mai Jansson

Language:  English

Country:  USA |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  Les profanateurs, Les provocateurs

Description:  Two young thugs kidnap a young girl and keep her in the basement of an old warehouse where they forcibly make her their sex slave.

Review: One of the first and best “roughie” exploitation films….”The Defilers” is a sick and mean-spirited piece of trash that no one outside of exploitation fans would find worthwhile. However, being a huge fan of vintage psychotronic and grindhouse film-making, I found myself enjoying this. Place it in the guilty pleasure category if you will, but “The Defilers” is actually a competently made flick. Its rough and unpolished, but there wouldn’t be a better way to complement the sordid storyline and despicable characters. Running just over an hour, its quite taut and never outstays its depraved welcome.


735mb | 69mins | 640×480 | avi


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2 Responses to The Defilers (1965)

  1. Kaojai says:

    Classic roughie. Just want to add that the file also includes a commentary track by David Friedman, the writer/producer/co-director. Thanks rarelust!

  2. Wendel says:

    As seen in the Showtime series “Masters of Sex.”

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