How to Download

Guide How to Download on is official host for every movie on site have active tezfiles download link only

tezfiles host how to download as free user check>  Youtube Video

tezfiles host how to download as premium user with chrome browser check>  Youtube Video

tezfiles host how to download as premium with freedownloadmanager + chrome check>  Youtube Video


important point in videos you see with freedownloadmanager i got 6x more speed compared to browser download

thats why for best experience get free software for fast and resume supported download

just install freedownloadmanager > get Chrome extension for FDM  > enable browser integration in FDM setting  see pic

and done


Another Great download manager for tezfiles is mipony

install mipony > enter your tezfiles user:pass in mipony premium settings like This

then just paste any tezfiles link in mipony download will start at premium speed



Note: all movies on rarelust are free user enabled but i still request if u can afford
kindly take tezfiles premium with rarelust subscription it helps in keeping site up + pop up and ad free

Important point here is whenever you buy premium subscribe for premium access should be visible on page like below


NOTE! In order to be able to download Rarelust movies as premium , you have to subscribe to when signing up for TezFiles.

A plain tezfile premium account will not give you access to the movies. Please use this link to SUBSCRIBE.


If you brought tezfiles premium key from reseller  then see this how to use


in past till 2016 i posted rar split archives so below guide is for those movies

Guide: How to download rar movie parts and extract into single file

1. Example u want to download and view This movie well as u see its 891mb movie 3 split rar parts u have to download all 3 parts of movie place them in same folder and extract part1 using winrar free software and done u will get single file to view movie u downloaded

basically when movie posted in split rar parts make sure you download all parts then extract.. you will get single complete movie file for playback.

for easy under standing see these pics

1. downloaded all parts

2. extract part1 using winrar

3. Got single playable file

Read wikihow too


See video guide
how i downloaded both rar parts
and extracted smoothly with winrar software to get single playback file



info regarding audio and subtitles

1. (sometimes there are 2 or 3 language tracks in movie. then u need to choose your preferred audio track)

Switch Audio Tracks in vlc player
Switch Audio Tracks Media Player
if u watch on smart HD TV u will see Audio Switch option..

2.  Subtitles are in mostly .srt or embed format

To make .srt subtitles work make sure movie filename and srt filename is same more info
embed subtitles if don’t play by default then enable or disable them see example


sometimes embed subs don’t show up on your hdtv or media player because of pgs or vobsub format

in this case just extract srt subtitle from mkv file using subtitleedit free software
download link

Here is video guide how

in video iam using this movie to extract srt subs from mkv


To fix aspect ratio

whenever you see any aspect ratio issue
just change aspect ratio in your playback software as per video requirement..



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30 Responses to How to Download

  1. Chris Cornwell says:

    How can you search for a movie within your sets without having to scroll through the whole thing? Thanks in advance.

  2. KilBoner says:

    WATCH OUT. If you download all RAR part files, but then you move them into a seperate file, even if they are all together, it may not open correctly with RAR software anyway. Advised to download all parts into the initial, usually standard download file, do NOT move them, then open the RAR file for the FIRST download after they are all finished downloading.

  3. Chris says:

    I have a VLC player on my MacBook that works great with virtually all formats, including rar files IF they are single file. If there are multi parts, even if opened from the same folder, playback stalls after the first part plays through, and it won’t continue playing parts 2, 3, etc. What is the solution? There does not seem to be any WinRar extracting software for MAC OS on WinRar site. How can I play these multi part rar video files on my Mac? Once again single part rar files play fine.

  4. Mike says:

    It wont let me pay via master card or Pay Pal.
    Try a few and always same cant pay.

  5. John Ratcliffe says:

    Brilliant films, thanks,. I have downloaded mkv files without a problem, but cannot download rar files. With an mkv file, I hust click on the link and it automatically downloads, cannot do this with rar. Any idea what Im doing wrong?

  6. Jibas says:

    What’s with the “xx” links on some pages, how do they work?

  7. Franco says:

    How can I subscribe the premium account using a credit card without going through the resellers?

  8. ChumbleSpuzz says:

    TezFiles Premium expired. Tried to renew, but seems every payment option I select (e.g. PayPal, Master Card) takes me to a page to go through a reseller. Didn’t have this issue before. Are they no longer allowing certain payment types? If not, why present the option? Never used a reseller. Seems sketchy. Will email support, but figured someone else here may have the same question.

    • rarelust says:

      ya because of russia ukr war payment gatways not working
      you can use visa on tez site or use resellers which u see on tez site all are verified and legit

      • Powerbono says:

        I have same situation. Tried paying with PayPal, sent me through a reseller and followed instructions (providing gift cards to a guy named Paul???). Seemed shady, but I went through anymway. Got through the whole process, and I received an email saying my order was cancelled as my email adresse allegedly didn’t match the email adress of my PayPal account (it does).
        So I got no access, and will have to monitor my PayPal account because the amount was still not refunded from my “cancelled” order.
        Could you please explore easier and safer payment methods?

        • rarelust says:

          paypal bans account when they find payment is for filesharing site thats why no direct easy way to make paypal payments..

          visa and crypto best way to make payment at moment

  9. Simon Hartfree says:

    Can you explain what it means when some rar files are “mirrored”?

    P.S. Thanks for the great site – you have an amazing archive!

  10. Manish says:

    If there 2 parts of movie .. 1st part only play second part showing (can’t play this file).any movie please give solution

    • rarelust says:

      why are you playing parts ?
      read how to get rar archives parts and extract single properly above

      when movie posted in split rar parts make sure you download all parts then click extract on part1 with winrar software .. all parts will get joined and you will get single complete movie file

  11. Sylvester Balchunas says:

    Check our recent post on how to open rar files on windows 10?

  12. Netdog451 says:

    Also you can download your videos from your iPad. You will need 2 things . You will need an IOS USB flash drive and app from the iTunes store called i – Easy Flash. It comes with complete easy to understand directions. Then you can put your movies on the flash drive and play on your Blu Ray player or Smart TV. The instructions come with the i- Easy Flash USB. Easy to find on eBay.

  13. Ken says:

    Yes you can use an iPad . You will need to download an app called Player Extreme .It has an icon like a blue arrow . I’m using a Firefox browser. After downloading , tap on the file and it will prompt you to either send to Google drive . which is good to have installed first or export it to Player Extreme.This app cost 10 $ for life time . It also let’s you choose the audio track and let’s you download subtitles. It is pretty easy to use. Then you watch on your iPad.

  14. Kenny says:

    If using an Android phone or tablet to download these files. Go to Google Play Store and download File Commander by Mobi Systems. Upgrade to the premium version. It works great with the Rare Lust
    website. It will automatically put all the rar. files in one folder. Then you will be able to extract them to your SD card. You just tap say file 1 out of 3 and it will put all the files in one folder ready to extract.

  15. Solipsister says:

    Can I use Rarelust on an iPad, or is for PCs only?

    • rarelust says:

      myself mostly download using pc/laptop then copy to usb and watch on my HDTV..

      for best results watch on pc or hdtv other device i have not tested.

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