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Guide on How to Download on

Fboom Host   #As Free User Suppose u want to Download This File

You will see this kind of Screen

next >  Click > FREE Download > Fill Captcha > then > Click – slow speed > free download link will show up


#As Premium User Suppose u want to Download This File

You will see this kind of Screen

Next > Just Click – Premium Download . > and Downloading Will Start

Premium members have no download queues, wait times,
or any type of limitations. Download all day.. at Blazing fast download Speeds.

Note: all movies on rarelust are free user enabled but still i request if u can afford
kindly take fboom premium subscription it helps in keeping site up and pop up free



For best download experience i suggest fast and resume supported

after installing software make sure you add and activate freedownloadmanager extensions in your firefox or chrome browser

FDM Chrome extension

FDM Firefox extensions

also enable browser integration in freedownloadmanager setting see pic

See this Youtube Video how it will work once all setup

also showing how fboom premium + Google Chrome download works see youtube video


in past i posted split archives so below guide for those movies

Guide: How to download rar movie parts and extract into single file

1. Example u want to download and view This movie well as u see its 891mb movie 3 split rar parts u have to download all 3 parts of movie place them in same folder and extract part1 using winrar free software and done u will get single file to view movie u downloaded

basically when movie posted in split rar parts make sure you download all parts then extract.. you will get single complete movie file for playback.

for easy under standing see these pics

1. downloaded all parts

2. extract part1 using winrar

3. Got single playable file

Read wikihow too


See video guide
how i downloaded both rar parts
and extracted smoothly with winrar software to get single playback file



info regarding audio and subtitles

1. (sometimes there are 2 or 3 language tracks in movie. then u need to choose your preferred audio track)

Switch Audio Tracks in vlc player
Switch Audio Tracks Media Player
if u watch on smart HD TV u will see Audio Switch option..

2.  Subtitles are in mostly .srt or embed format

To make .srt subtitles work make sure movie filename and srt filename is same more info
embed subtitles if don’t play by default then enable or disable them see example


sometimes embed subs don’t show up on your hdtv or media player because of pgs or vobsub format

in this case just extract srt subtitle from mkv file using subtitleedit free software
download link

Here is video guide how

in video iam using this movie to extract srt subs from mkv

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2 Responses to How to Download

  1. Solipsister says:

    Can I use Rarelust on an iPad, or is for PCs only?

    • rarelust says:

      myself mostly download using pc/laptop then copy to usb and watch on my HDTV..

      for best results watch on pc or hdtv other device i have not tested.

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