Adam’s Woman (1970)


Directed by: Philip Leacock

Stars: Beau Bridges, John Mills, Jane Merrow

Language: English

Country: Australia | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.696 | Tvrip

Description: Adam (Beau Bridges) is a young American wrongly accused of being an accomplice to murder while on shore leave in Liverpool. He is sentenced to death by hanging, but the sentence is commuted to twenty years in a convict settlement in Australia. The Governor of the colony, Sir Philip MacDonald (Sir John Mills), has a scheme in mind to settle Australia by allowing convicts to marry and by giving them land, and Adam is the perfect choice to prove his scheme is viable. He is partnered with Bess (Jane Merrow), a young Irish lass, and together they endure the hardships of the Australian outback.


1.36GB | 109:41mins | 624×368 | mkv

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4 Responses to Adam’s Woman (1970)

  1. Nick says:

    Thanks very much Mr RL, you are a movie finding legend!! And many thanks for filling my request. This was made basically just before when there were practically no feature films made in Australia by Australians. The director was English, the credited writers, Americans, & the first 6 lead actors were British or American too!

  2. DoubleV says:

    Did the TV channel censor the movie? Runtime is 7 minutes less than what’s listed on IMDB.

    • Dan Diamond says:

      Time difference is likely due to PAL speed-up.

    • artwest says:

      As Dan implies a feature film is typically shot at 24frames per second. PAL TV systems, such as those in the UK are 25fps, so a film runs slightly faster – though not generally noticeably.

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