have any movie suggestion?

just mail me at –   [email protected]

i will try


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  1. PM says:

    Hi RL, hoping you have or might get a copy of Sankofa (1993), it’s streaming on Netflix but would be great to have a local copy, thanks!

  2. matt says:

    Thank you for this brilliant site! Have a great Christmas & New Year!

  3. Cassio says:

    I just want to say: Thank you so much, Rarelust.
    You are simply the best.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  4. Bill says:

    Is there any way to search within the different directories (foreign films, movie sets etc). If it’s not too much trouble, those folders are so giant now it’d be cool to find something without scrolling through 100s of movies.

    Thanks for all you do

    • rarelust says:

      not possible – just search with imdb if result is in some set
      just search movie title within page..
      i will try keep set size under 100 movies..

  5. Jash735 says:

    Any chance you could upload the Death Scort series

  6. Joe says:

    Can you do the The Great Silence? 1968

  7. Dragon says:

    Can you upload Home Sick (2007) by Adam Wingard? I remember downloading it here but I can’t find it anymore. please, thanks man!!

  8. James says:

    Girls of the Big House


  9. hanakuma says:

    Please, could you get Lure Of The Swamp (1957)?


  10. chris says:

    Hi! Searching for “The Pool” (2001 horror)
    you are the best btw

  11. sam says:

    hi, in ‘Movies Set 1 Eng’ the file you have listed as ‘Ninja Force of Assassins (1988)’ is actually ‘Fatal Command (1986)’
    both of those movies had the alternate title ‘Vietnam Warrior’ (the title that appears in the copy you have), both were made by Godfrey Ho, and had they many of the same cast members.
    thanks for ‘Fatal Command’, that’s one i’d never seen. there are so many alternate titles and cuts of Godfrey Ho movies it’s impossible to figure them out sometimes. i have well over 100 and i keep finding new ones.

  12. Hentaiman says:

    Love Me Deadly (1973). Can you post this? There is a copy on youtube, but I can’t download it. Thank you.

  13. Ebert & Ernie says:

    i heard there was a BD-R of Sex of Angels released but i cant find ANYTHING- have u had any luck with this?

  14. Matt says:

    Can you please get

    True Story of a Woman in Jail: Hell of Love aka Shin jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: Rengoku

    Thanks much appreciate it.

  15. Dafamily says:

    Can you please upload Extreme Justice 1993 please, thanks again man!!

  16. PM says:

    RS, love everything you do! Just please finish the Mexican Spitfire series :) We only need the last movie, plus the short film if you can find it! Thank you so much for everything!

  17. Oliver says:

    Hi, what program do you use to create the preview picture?

  18. Cece McBee says:

    Hi there, please do ‘Coffy (1973)’

  19. Ebert & Ernie says:

    have you ever heard of City in Panic (1986)?
    a canadian slasher/giallo
    i cant find it anywhere

  20. Tom says:

    Your website is the greatest!

    Thank you for all that you do.

  21. uou says:

    please don’t touch is gone

  22. exersia says:

    Hi Rarelust. Any chance you have a comedy horror called “Midnight Movie Massacre (1988)”?

    Thank you for your continued efforts.

  23. Mr. Church says:

    Can you get Black Out Tokyo Elevator Panic

  24. randomxe says:

    Excellent update this week. Site is a real treasure trove.

  25. Annie says:

    Hello there! I would like to request BloodSisters (1996)

  26. Cece McBee says:

    Please do ‘China Girl (1974)’ and ‘Double Agent 73 (1974)’, thank you!!!

  27. babis says:

    please can you add LAID TO REST 2009 unrated directors cut dvd from anchor bay? , I have the blue ray but its not complete uncut, anchor bay dvd have the original directors cut with the all the gore cut from all the others versions, a horror beauty splatter not to be missed from horror fans

  28. Cece McBee says:

    Please do ‘Hot Legs (1979)’

  29. Mabookguesses says:

    Hi, do you mind doing ‘Nude on the Moon (1961)’ thanks!!!

  30. bob says:

    Maybe one underground flick from Someting weird or Vinegar syndrome, we haven’t had one for some time………. thanks

  31. cultfilmdude says:

    Could you add “STONER”, also known as “The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss” (1974)?

  32. Mr. Church says:

    Can you get Black Serenade (2001)

  33. gnm says:

    Vacaciones de terror2

    I want to see this movie. thank you

  34. babis says:

    please can you uphold laid to rest 2009 unrated director cut’?? I search everywhere and only available in a very bad cut version on a blue ray format, only the dvd was the original unrated director cut with all the gore and violence intact, a perfect horror slasher not to be missed

  35. Mark A Saenz says:

    Hello. I would like to subscribe. Do I do that here, or on the Tezfiles site? How do the two connect? Thank you.

  36. 96hami Tan says:

    Please do ‘College Girls (1968)’

  37. Mabookguesses says:

    Could you please do ‘Milk the Maid (2013)’?

  38. Johno says:

    Hi rarelust can you get “The Awakening of Emily” or “Emily”

  39. jack says:

    link not working


  40. Bob says:

    You can maybe find “Survive Style 5+” in Hi Res

  41. Mabookguesses says:

    Hey my luv, can you please do ‘Lemon Popsicle (1978)’?

  42. Nanni Vitale says:

    would it be possible to upload “Witness in the City” (Édouard Molinaro, 1959) a.k.a. “Un témoin dans la ville” with english subs? Also “Speaking of Murder” (Gilles Grangier, 1957) a.k.a. “Le rouge est mis” would be great. Both were released in a “French Noir Set” on Blu-Ray last year (alongside with “Back to the Wall” (Édouard Molinaro, 1958) a.k.a. “Le dos au mur”, which I also would love to see) in the USA, but sadly only Region A, so I cannot watch it on my player…
    I love your site and I’ve been using it for years now.
    Thank you so much for all your great work, you are making a lot of people happy every week.
    All the best

  43. Shane says:

    Can you try and find “I Was a Teenage Strangler”?

  44. ZakDrizzt says:

    Hey rarelust. Can you find Queen of Hearts from 1989. The only copy that seems to be available has a Russian dub slapped on it. Thank you. Your site is the greatest.

  45. Gjax says:

    Can you please add Supercop 2 from 1993?

  46. Lukas M says:

    Hi, are you able to fin The Deer / Gavaznha (1974) from Masud Kimiai?
    Thanks again for your work!

  47. Julian says:

    Looking for the documentary ‘Talk Talk: In A Silent Way’.

  48. Awesome Movies – Many Thanks
    Pse download Ursus in the Valley of Lions – English Dubbed


  49. karl says:

    thank you

  50. RRR says:

    Thank you, Sir. Wonderful proposals!
    May I humbly suggest:

    Suru (The Herd) 1978

    A Turkish masterpiece made by Guney while in prison!
    Thanks, and have a good day!

  51. Alisha says:

    Hey are you able to find adult film soft place from 1978

  52. 96hami Tan says:

    Can u please do ‘Eyeball (1975)’ if u don’t that already?

  53. Rich says:

    Would love to see the Vincent Price classic “Theatre of Blood” but with the commentary track included please.

  54. Mudai says:

    Could you maybe post 1993 Taxi Hunter by Herman Yau starring Anthony Wong? Would really appreciate.

  55. Ahmed says:

    Hello RL,
    Thank you for the great work and making !
    I saw a movie here before but can’t recall its name its about a man who took his wife out of the grave after she died.. please can you give me the name of that movie
    Best regards,

  56. Chris B says:

    Hi RL
    Thank you for some amazing viewing in 2022 – your site is an absolute goldmine!
    (My favourite discoveries? ‘Unholy Ground’ which is just hilariously terrible on so many levels yet still compulsive viewing, and ‘Gummo’ which is perhaps the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and haunts me to this day….)
    For 2023 can I set you a challenge to unearth a couple of shorts in the folk horror genre that don’t seem to be in circulation?
    – ‘The Man From Nowhere’ – from the UK Children’s Film Foundation in 1975, and we all know how great UK children’s folk horror output was during that decade ( and
    – ‘Solitudo’ – Alice Lowe’s debut, which from what I’ve read sounds like a good companion piece to the recently posted, and really excellent, Anchoress (
    I hope you can help with these!
    Happy New Year!!

  57. 96hami Tan says:

    Hi, do you have Deep Throat (1972) on ur site? If not, then I’ll like for you to add on there, thanks

  58. Dr. Penishberg M.D. says:

    Any chance of uploading Red Spell Spells Red? Would really love to get ahold of the new transfer, especially the animal cruelty free version since that cut doesn’t exist in any other format.

  59. Aaron says:

    Merry Christmas Rarelust.

  60. 96hami Tan says:

    Could you please do ‘Ky?shi mejika’ aka. ‘Teacher Deer(1978)’? please?

    Also please do ‘Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge(2008)’ because I think this should be the best newage porn + action film for you to add here.

  61. Rob says:

    Hi Rarelust

    I would like to request Classic Sci-Fi Attack of the Mushroom People (1963) English version if any.
    Thank you!

  62. Mark Geonetta says:

    Dear Rarelust have been looking for a decent copy of (American Hot Wax 1978) can’t find one anywhere maybe you’ll have more luck than me.

  63. Dane Horgan says:

    can I use PayPal for Rarelust ?


  64. Itspinkii says:

    Hey, please do ‘Hot Connections (1972)’, ty!

  65. max says:

    bless you and your family

    – just one of the girls (1993) –

    Once again so sorry about the email
    best wishes

  66. gnm says:

    Cathy’s Curse (1977)

    I want to see this movie. thank you

  67. Kelly says:

    Hi! I think I saw at some point a movie here which had a cover parodying the famous painting Le dejeuner sur l’erbe where a naked woman is sitting at a picnic in the park with some men in suits. Do you know the movie? This is the painting

  68. Doida das Galinhas says:

    Great, thank you!

  69. Sam says:

    Thanks Bro but I didn’t mean the 1979 movie, I meant the 2016 movie with Christia Visser, thanks anyway.

  70. Sam says:

    Please “Tess 2016” with Christia Visser.

  71. Satampra says:

    Please find a giallo from Roger Vadim – “La jeune fille assassinée” (1974)

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