The Voyage of Captain Fracassa (1990)


Directed by: Ettore Scola

Stars: Vincent Perez, Emmanuelle Béart, Massimo Troisi, Ornella Muti

Language: French | Subtitles: English, French (embed)

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 5:3 | Brrip

Also known as: Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa

Description: In the Eighteenth Century, the “Traveling Company of Scenic Arts” composed of Tyrant, Lady Leonarde, Serafina, Isabella, Leandre, Zerbina, Matamore and Pulcinella gets lost while traveling to Paris in bad weather. They see a castle and ask the servant Pietro if they can spend the night. They soon learn that the destroyed castle belongs to the ruined nobleman Jean Luc Henry Camille, the Baron of Sigognac. Pietro asks the company to take Sigognac with them to Paris as King Luis XIII’s father was saved by the baron’s father, Henrique de Navarra, and Luis XIII would certainly reward Sigognac in gratitude. He also secretly gives one hundred gold coins to Pulcinella to serve Sigognac.


2.87GB | 132:33mins | 956×576 | mkv

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6 Responses to The Voyage of Captain Fracassa (1990)

  1. felipe says:

    Very sweet movie. Thanks to RARELUST. you are great!

  2. DEN NC USA says:

    Without RARELUST, I’d never have come to this film.
    As for the other comments, please use IMDB for some truly strong
    appreciative reviews of the film.
    And call it “an art film” if you like. Hey, that’s what fills museums.

    Some don’t go there. Many do. Are you among them? RARELUST has Art FIlms, and MANY OTHER GENRE. Down to the lowest and most inept or sickening. That’s called
    in my world.
    And I’M GLAD
    that RARELUST is in my world, and yours, via the World Wide Web.

  3. SeattleNerd says:

    It’s got La Muti in it – worth watching regardless of the description!

  4. temnix says:

    This lame, lame description will motivate no one to download and watch this movie. It’s almost engineered to cause something between a grimace of pain and a yawn. Why the hell would anybody want to follow that story? What kind of sad-life Satanist would inflict this kind of torture on himself?

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