The Puma Man (1980)


Directed by: Alberto De Martino

Stars: Walter George Alton, Donald Pleasence, Miguel Ángel Fuentes

Language: English, Italian, German (3tracks)

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.738 | (pal) Dvdrip

Also known as: L’uomo puma

Description: Only superhuman Puma Man (Walter George Alton) can save the world from a mad doctor (Donald Pleasence) and his mind-control mask.


1.35GB | 92:34mins | 1001×576 | mkv

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6 Responses to The Puma Man (1980)

  1. Lebster says:

    Alberto De Martino made some damn fine movies. This clearly isn’t one of them. Quite funny though.

  2. zara-thustra says:

    Thanks a lot Vielen Dank Rare Lust :)

  3. Leandro says:

    Thank you sooo much for this great movie rare!

  4. OSMOSIS says:

    Brought to you by SANDY FRANK–“Boy, who can F8ck-up and ALREADY F8ckd-up International Film? ASK Sandy Frank!” LOL!!

    Naw, but, seriously–it’s MILLER TIME…and HEINE TIME…and SAM ADDAMS TIME…yea–it’s LIKE that. Thank you Rarelust (oh–we’re NOT doin’ “COORS”, ‘cuz that ain’t “Beer”.!! LOL! 0

  5. Lurky McLurkson says:

    Hysterically bad!

  6. Mike Hunt says:

    Too fucking funny. A MST3K classic.
    Thank you.

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