The Thing (1982)


Directed by: John Carpenter

Stars: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David

Language: English + Commentaries (4tracks) | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.35:1 | Brrip Shout Factory + Arrow

Description: A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims.

Preview Shout Factory

2.27GB | 108:40mins | 1024×436 | mkv | English + 3 Commentaries | Sub: English

Preview Arrow.4K.Remaster

4.11GB | 108:40mins | 1024×436 | mkv | English + 4 Commentaries | Sub: English

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20 Responses to The Thing (1982)

  1. dmiller says:

    Thank you for all this knowledge.

  2. Preston says:

    Thank you, Rarelust! To have both releases is a dream! Awesome!

  3. RJ MacReady says:

    My No2 favorite film of all time- after escape from new york! This film is pure genius and stays more true to the original story “Who Goes There” than the (very good) Howard Hawks version. Kurt Russell is awesome as always and the soundtrack takes on a personality of its own, scored by the master Ennio Morriconne. The special effects by Rob Botine have never been duplicated.

  4. Molzer says:

    A very belated, but much appreciated, THANK YOU!

  5. Nekron 99 says:

    RIGHT ON!!! Admin. You rock! The best of both worlds for fans of The thing. With enough Audio Comm. tracks to turn everybody into well-versed scholars about it too!

    Keep up the amazing work… and most of all thanks!

  6. rarelust says:

    added Arrow.4K.Remaster Print + 4 Commentaries
    1 English (Commentary by John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell)
    2 English (Commentary by Mike White, Patrick Bromley and El Goro)
    2 English (Commentary with Director of Photography Dean Cundey)
    4 English (Commentary with Co-producer Stuart Cohen)

    • Ian says:

      You can live without hearing the White, Bromley and El Goro commentary, but the Gordon one, which wasn’t on the DVD release, is fascinating.

  7. Nekron 99 says:

    A classic that was sadly neglected back in 1982, but over the years has built a steady reputation and cult following that has grown into legions of fans.

    It’s also an amazing old-school SPFX extravaganza that makes today’s CGI look cheap by comparisons.

    The only sad part about this posting is that ‘sadly’ it is not the Arrow UK BluRay transfer which is 10x better, because it retains it’s natural colors (no tealing like with Shout release), and most of all is also not as compressed bit-rate wise as the Shout release is. For more info check out these informative links.

    And here are some screecaptures between the two different releases.

    The Thing is one of my personal top 10 favorites on my list of ‘the best horror movies ever made’, and I’m not slagging either – love this site been coming here since it’s inception simply because all the movies are fantastic! But still I felt it was my duty to warn die-hard fans of The Thing like myself that there is better print/transfer of this classic out there on Bluray.

    • rarelust says:

      i read few reviews were ppl favored Shout Factory over arrow..thats why preferred Shout. anyway added arrow version too in post with extra Commentary track

      • jay says:

        But why only 1024×436 on both versions? It looks same as SD.

        • rarelust says:

          1024×436 is standard 576p rip with proper bitrate and black bars cut

          proper 720p will make it 1280×544 and size will go upto 7.80GB
          i don’t post 5GB + files

          watch on Hd tv
          not much difference between 1024×436 or 1280×544

    • Ian says:

      I wonder if it’s like the assorted editions of the original Halloween, where the transfer approved by cinematographer Dean Cundy is very definitely better than the others, including one approved by Carpenter himself.

  8. Ariel Bender says:

    It’s a rare occasion when a director decides to do a remake of a classic and creates another classic. Even more impressive, the film stands on it’s own as a functioning sequel by including scenes and references from the original. Thanks for the commentaries!

  9. So good that even Tarantino ripped off the soundtrack to use on the Hateful Eight. He used unused tracks from the Thing as created by Morricone. Carpenter ended up creating a lot of the soundtrack himself which led much of the brilliant score unused (though the best tracks, imo, was utilized).
    The Thing was not well received at the time, thanks to snobby critics aiming at the ‘over the top’ effects, completely missing the dread and paranoia, which makes this film so great, almost 40 years on. (I still have my VHS copy which I bought in the late 80’s). Its cult status wasn’t really recognized until the 90s, as more and more people were introduced to it through friends. A tree fan favorite. Fuck the critics.

  10. tak says:

    What I like about this movie is when faced with this horrific threat, the characters act how one would expect. For example, the part where they are tied up in chairs doing blood samples.

    When it comes to the horror/sci-fi genre, this is clearly among the best.

  11. Fuzzlover says:

    No CGI, Top Notch Special Effects & Make-up, Amazing Acting, Strong Cast, Great Story!
    This one should have won an Oscar!
    Thank You Rarelust!

  12. Paul says:

    ohmygawd, this is the one movie I can watch over and over again. Great pacing, score, special effects but the thing that makes it stand out is its casting. When each actor is so well suited for his role, I don’t think you can make a movie any more perfect. Can you picture anyone else playing the characters in Back to the Future of The Big Lebowski?

  13. Phaota says:

    Commentaries are with (1) director of photography Dean Cundey, (2) co-producer Stuart Cohen, and (3) director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell (this track has been censored and re-arranged with alternate commentary takes so that it is somewhat different from the original 1998 laserdisc/DVD edition)

  14. Heiko Frerichs says:

    One of the best and most exciting films of all time (I clung to the seat in the cinema)!
    Unfortunately without a German soundtrack.

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