The Dracula Saga (1973)

The Dracula Saga

Directed by: León Klimovsky

Stars:  Tina Sáinz, Tony Isbert, Helga Liné

Language: Spanish, English (2 tracks)

Country:  Spain | Amazon Info | Imdb Info

Also known as:   La saga de los Drácula, Dracula: The Bloodline Continues, L’ultimo vampiro, The Dracula Saga, Saga of the Draculas

Description: Count Dracula’s pregnant granddaughter arrives at his castle, along with her husband, who is not a vampire. While she prepares to give birth to a new member of the Dracula line, her husband secretly launches into a series of affairs with the Count’s resident “brides.”


The Dracula Saga.cap

1.22Gb | 92mins | 720×480 | mkv

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