Dort Atesli Yosma (1977)


Directed by: Savas Esici

Stars:  Figen Han, Melek Görgün, Sevgi Can, Mine Soley, Cihangir Gaffari, Tarik Simsek, Aydin Tezel, Ihsan Gedik, Kayhan Yildizoglu, Ekrem Gökkaya, Hüseyin Zan, Osman Han, Erol Yesilyaprak, Salih Kirmizi, Necla Fide, Mine Eren, Zerrin Dogan, Kazim Kartal.

Language: Turkish

Country:  Turkey  Imdb Vhsrip

Description: The four ex-schoolmates are pretty but their lives are not. coz they are addicted to drugs and alcohol


298mb | 47:53mins | 640×480 | wmv | Turkish


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3 Responses to Dort Atesli Yosma (1977)

  1. bwana says:

    ehmm, where can we find subtitles for this?

  2. Gul Dryksus says:

    Sadly this isn’t the real film just some terrible compilation of scenes of the actresses that were in the original film. The last scene with Figen Han might probably be from the original.

    But otherwise this is just another fake hack job by someone. That got distributed widely as the original film…

  3. Can Avar says:

    Thank you

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