Sinners Blood (1969)

Directed by: Neil Douglas

Stars:  Stephen Jacques, Nanci Sheldon, Cristy Beal

Language: English | Dvdrip

Country:  USA | Imdb Info

Also known as:  Hard Riders, Der tödliche Trip

Description: Two sisters are out of a home due to their mother passing away. They go to a small southern town and stay with their aunt. They soon meet up with a lesbian cousin, her moronic large cousin Aubrey , and an uncle who is as horny as a hardware store man! Later on, the girls encounter local idiotic guys and a nasty group of bikers ho come into town to boogie! But the inept bikers have a deadly secret besides fighting each other, and you’ll be shocked when the last 10 minutes of the film turns into a big biker’s pill party



1.03gb | 82mins | 850×480 | mkv


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3 Responses to Sinners Blood (1969)

  1. Wendel says:

    Just when you got me interested, its only on Ultra.
    Oh well, looks like I’ll have to find some other movie on here.
    I mean, you have 4,700. Should be at least ONE OTHER I like.



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