Overrun! (1970)

Directed by: Mario Siciliano

Stars: Ivan Rassimov, Monica Strebel, Kirk Morris

Language: English, Italian (2tracks)

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Also known as: La lunga notte dei disertori – I 7 di Marsa Matruh, Operation Over Run

Description: When the German Afrika Korps smashes through the allied lines in North Africa in 1942 during World War Two; a group of British soldiers are determined to get back to their own lines. Picking up more allied survivors along the way, their journey is fraught with danger and Germans at every turn.



1.54GB | 104:26mins | 720×310 | avi

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  1. Subtitles says:


    The above line is to hyphens and a pointing arrow to the right.
    In case it did not show up.

    Maybe this site can make a subtitle for it?

  2. Subtitles says:

    This movie’s opening prologue states in an English Subtitle.

    Paste this into a “text” (.txt) file with the same name as your movie. Change the (.txt) to (.srt).

    Copy and paste below:

    00:00:28,944 –> 00:00:36,321
    Marsa Martruh
    [aka Mersa Matruh, a place in Egypt] June 21st 1942.

    00:00:37,214 –> 00:00:49,841
    Under the command of General Erwin Rommel
    the armoured columns of the German Afrika Corps
    are racing towards Alexandria
    after breaking through the British lines at Toburk.

    00:00:50,000 –> 00:01:07,513
    The British Eighth Army has been literally cut to pieces.
    Individually and in groups, these pieces are desperately
    trying to reunite into some sort of cohesive force
    able to rejoin the main body of troops
    in their Pell Mell retreat in Egypt.”

    00:01:20,344 –> 00:01:24,513

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