Getting Physical (1984)

Directed by: Steven Hilliard Stern

Stars: Alexandra Paul, Sandahl Bergman, David Naughton

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Vhsrip

Description: The world of female bodybuilding provides the backdrop for this tale of an aspiring young actress who initially becomes interested in the sport as a means of self-defense following a physical attack by two men, but then finds that while concentrating on building up her body her relationship with her parents, with whom she is living, and her new-found boyfriend, a young cop, is breaking down. Several noted bodybuilders and iron-pumpers, male and female, put in appearances to give this production an added authenticity.


902MB | 95:28mins | 720×544 | avi

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7 Responses to Getting Physical (1984)

  1. Paul says:

    Thank Rarelust, I love this movie. By today’s standards it’s cheesy, but not for me.

    Alexandra Paul and Sandahl Bergman give all they’ve got to make it work, not to mention it conjures up nostalgia of an era when bodybuilding was beginning to come into its own. Why can’t we have an hd release of this?

    There’s another obscure 2005 bodybuilding movie of a person going from Zero to Hero that’s I’ve only found on Youtube.
    No Pain No Gain. Not the 2015 movie.

  2. arthur says:

    This movie gave me motivation to lose 50 lb when I was 18.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to watch it again.

  3. ChubChub says:

    I’m 41 and in the UK. God only knows when I actually saw this movie in my young life. The film has haunted me for years.
    Not enough memories to be able to pin the film down. It just lurked in the back of my subconscious.
    Had a go the last couple of days googling up, and found many people looking for the same film, strangely.
    Another extensive google and came across this web page.

    Many thanks for solving a riddle for me that’s been going on for far too long.

    • Symbian says:

      Definatly CC – Me as well here in Canada – I saw in on TV when it was first Aired – and have been searching for it ever Since

  4. cauchy313 says:

    Fantastic job! I’ve been looking for this movie for years. Bravo!

  5. Bumkins says:

    Thank you sooo much for this RL. :)

  6. fo'life says:

    wow, been lookin’ 4 this one, thx

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