Blue Monkey (1987)


Directed by: William Fruet

Stars: Ivan E. Roth, Steve Railsback, Gwynyth Walsh

Language: English

Country: Canada | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Brrip

Also known as: Insect

Description: Detective Jim Bishop and Dr. Rachel Carson must find a way to stop a giant monstrous insect that’s eating people in her quarantined hospital before it procreates and spreads a deadly infection it’s carrying


5.65GB | 96:12mins | 1280×720 | mkv

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6 Responses to Blue Monkey (1987)

  1. ahithophel ebejer says:

    thanks for this upgrade.

    you re amazing sir

  2. Field78 says:

    I literally learned of this movie’s existence today in a list of horror movies that were all but forgotten due to lack of a dvd release. It was posted here merely 2 weeks before. Instantly loved the premise of Alien-meets-The-Thing in a hospital. Thank you for doing God’s work.

  3. Ryan Kellner says:

    The head honcho of Code Red just tried to do a crowd funding release of this on Blu (they just did Spasms) and after a week he got frustrated, took it down, and may or may not have given anyone their money back… Hopes for a Blu look bad.

  4. OSMOSIS says:

    Probably the most requested movie for DVD-which-we’re-still-waiting-on, because, this is a VHS-Video Rental Legend (partly because of great write-ups in FANGORIA, STARLOG and CINEMAFANTASTIQUE Magazines back-in-the-day). But, until the fateful day comes for this to be DVD’d, we Thank You, Rarelust, for finding a very passable VHS-version. (Fingers crossed on BLUE MONKEY’S hope DVD/BD Debut–from us fans.)

  5. Aerial Bender says:

    This is a really weird one, maestro… we’re on the same wavelength. Not more than an hour before you posted this one I was filing movies by directors in my collection and, lo and behold, I ran across ‘House By The Lake’, ‘Spasms’ then I was about to check IMDB to see what other films he directed. Thanks, will welcome a Brrip of this hopefully in the future.

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