10 Rillington Place (1971)


Directed by: Richard Fleischer

Stars: Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt

Language: English + Commentaries (3tracks)  | Subtitles: English (embed)

commentary with actress Judy Geeson and film historians Lem Dobbs and Nick Redman
commentary with acclaimed actor John Hurt

Country: Uk | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.658 | Brrip

Also known as: Ten Rillington Place

Description: What happened to the women at 10 Rillington Place? The story of British serial killer John Christie, who committed most or all of his crimes in the titular terraced house, and the miscarriage of justice involving Timothy Evans.


1.17GB | 110:57mins | 1194×720 | mkv


Interview with Sir Richard Attenborough Attenborough discusses many aspects of the film

218MB | 22:35mins | 1248×720 | mkv | English

Being Beryl (2006) new interview with Judy Geeson

158MB | 22:09mins | 1194×720 | mkv | English

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10 Responses to 10 Rillington Place (1971)

  1. Peanut says:

    Unwatchable!! Chapters are all jumbled. Such a shame.

  2. br1967 says:

    (This is a follow-up to Gerhard’s comment.)

  3. Phaota says:

    Commentaries are with (1) actress Judy Geeson, and film historians Lem Dobbs and Nick Redman, and (2) actor John Hurt.

  4. Gerhard says:

    Unfortunately this copy of a truly excellent British film is unwatchable. Nothing wrong with the quality … it’s the way sequences are all chopped up and jumbled that makes it difficult to get one’s mind wrapped around it. I can’t believe nobody else has commented on this!!

    • jimmy says:

      I always wondered why no one smelled the rotting corpses .

    • br1967 says:

      Watched it the other night and that’s absolutely true. No idea what happened but at many points the film suddenly freezes and jump to other sequence… Later in the film you can’t even decide if this the worst editing ever for flashbacks or if (most probably) something was messy with the source.

  5. Mr MOJO says:

    Great! The best “serial killer observed from the outside “film ever in my opinion. The best “inside the mind of a serial killer” film is “Angst”.
    Thank you for the audio commentary and the extras !

  6. Steve says:

    Many Thanks for this, requested only a week or so ago !

  7. Ariel Bender says:

    Absolutely one of the best (and factually) true crime films ever made. John Hurt is outstanding here, possibly his best work along with ‘The Elephant Man’. I’ve watched this several times and find myself drawn into it again and again when I open the file. Great commentary and the Blu-ray is outstanding – Thanks. Check out another true serial killer gem called ‘The Golden Glove’ (2019). I kept thinking of this as I watched it. Similar seedy dilapidated sets; grimy and extremely convincing .

    • Johnny says:

      Yes, ’10 Rillington Place’ is an excellent film, all the more so because the exteriors were mostly filmed in the real location in late 1970, only a few weeks before it was demolished, although the interiors were mainly studio sets. A number of the extras in the background of some scenes had actually lived in the street at the time of the murders and remembered The Christies and the Evanses. However, some of the characters, incidents and dates depicted in the film were dramatised or combined to streamline the story, so it is not an entirely factual account of the events. Ludovic Kennedy’s eponymous book is a fairly accurate account of what happened, but does not address the more recent evidence which suggests that Timothy Evans may not have been as innocent as many people believe.

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