Nero veneziano (1978)

Directed by:  Ugo Liberatore

Stars:  Renato Cestiè, Rena Niehaus and Yorgo Voyagis

Language:  Italian | Subtitles: English

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info

Also known as:  Damned in Venice , Blind offer, Blindt offer i Venedig, Blint offer i Venedig, Die Hölle schickt ihren Sohn, Kuoleman Venetsia – Venetian Black, Venetian Black, Die Wiege des Teufels

Description:  A blind boy receives a vision that warn him of the birth of the anti-christ.

Review:  Obscure Italian occult giallo gem .. Mark is a blind boy living with his sister Christine in Venice.During a funeral Mark has another in a series of recent visions of a man with a cane,only this time the man is with a woman and a dog that is eating a decayed arm.Christine is openly unsympathetic to these visions and resents having to look after her brother.Mark and Christine are orphans and are staying with their grandmother,but when grandmother is killed in a bizarre fire accident their mother’s family,the mysterious Winters become their guardians and Mark and Christine go to stay at their house.”Damned in Venice” is a neglected gem.It offers some genuine shocks and a nice amount of female nudity.The Venetian location sets are gloomy,decayed and oppressive and there is a bit of gore including pretty nasty scene of child murder.It’s great to see Lorraine DeSelle and Olga Karlatos of “Zombi 2” fame in the small roles.8 out of 10.



1.37GB | 79mins | 720×416 | avi

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