Zero Woman: Final Mission (1995)

Directed by: Koji Enokido

Stars:  Bonnie Black, Lance Breitstein, Michael Breitstein

Language: Japanese | Subtitles:  English | Dvdrip

Country:  Japan  | Imdb Info

Also known as:  Zero Woman: Keishichô 0-ka no onna,

Description: A famous businessman’s links with organized crime are looked into by the Zero Division of the Tokyo Police, with the investigation being headed by a highly trained, extremely violent and very beautiful female officer. When not having shoot-outs with the crime syndicate thugs trying to kill her, she spends most of her time in her apartment, wearing lingerie and taking showers. A sub-plot involves the businessman’s S&M-obsessed daughter.


891mb | 81mins | 640×400 | mkv

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2 Responses to Zero Woman: Final Mission (1995)

  1. Delta Chen says:

    Hello, I think the actors and actress datum of this movie are wrong, as shown in ?Stars: Bonnie Black, Lance Breitstein, Michael Breitstein?

    The following is what I found and composed,
    • ??????? (Naoko Iijima), the leading actress
    • ????????? (Tokuma Nishioka)
    • ??????????(Miho Suzuki)
    • ?????????(Akira Hamada)
    • ??????????
    • ???????
    • ?????????
    • ?????????

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