Too Hot to Handle (1977)

Directed by: Don Schain

Stars: Cheri Caffaro, Aharon Ipalé, Vic Diaz

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description Gorgeous blonde assassin Samantha Fox accepts a contract to liquidate a quintet of gangsters in the Philippines. Problems ensue when she falls in love with the Manila detective investigating the killings. Plenty of sleaze, sex and action in this actioner filmed on location.


1.26GB | 85:53mins | 720×480 | avi

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4 Responses to Too Hot to Handle (1977)

  1. TexasTom says:

    I dig these “Ginger” and other Caffaro flicks for the really bad acting. Makes the viewing more fun.

  2. Robbytag says:

    good movie like Andy Sidaris of 80’s and 90’s

  3. Wendel says:

    Cheri Caffaro is one of my favorites from the 70s.

  4. Terrell says:

    Thought this was great (other than the acting) when it was released!

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