The Squeeze (1977)

The Squeeze

Directed by:  Michael Apted

Stars: Stacy Keach, David Hemmings and Edward Fox

Language:  English

Country:   UK |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  Abominável Extorsão, Der aus der Hölle kam, Extorsión, I megali nyhta ton ekviaston, Il racket dei sequestri, Kniven på struben, Kniven på strupen, Le piège infernal, O Rapto

Description: Alcohol-addicted London ex-cop who becomes involved into a kidnapping drama and tries to free the daughter of a friend from a brutal gangster mob.


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1.30Gb | 107mins | 848×478 | mkv

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2 Responses to The Squeeze (1977)

  1. Ascended_Dead says:

    Hi, any (English) subtitles available for this gem ? Thanx a lot for your time

  2. Cassio says:

    Thank you very much, Rarelust.
    Very good movie and I am a big fan of Stephen Boyd. Great actor.

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