The Cult (1971)

Directed by: Kentucky Jones

Stars: Makee K. Blaisdell, Debbie Osborne, Sean Kenney

Language: German

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as: The Manson Massacre, House of Bondage, Die Töchter des Satans, Töchter des Satans, Together Girls

Description: One of the first, and one of the more crassly exploitative ultra-rare, trashy sexploitation piece – another of those ‘true story of Manson’ pieces,. Here, our Manson is a monk-robed nut who lies down in a coffin, is transported around in a black hearse, and likes to whip his bitches whenever they step out of line (this is often – they like being whipped by him!). In tacky black-and-white set-pieces, he frequently cuts to flashbacks to what made him the monster he is today – this nightmarish existence includes forced incest with his mother (his mother is Uschi Digard, so I guess I could live with that!), a spot of tossed-salad in prison, spanking, and other lurid abuse.


1.39gb | 69:32mins | 720×544 | avi

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5 Responses to The Cult (1971)

  1. Has anyone ever located any English language subs for this? Or any subs period, this is the quest of a lifetime. or even a stand alone audio track would suffice.
    And Chuck, you was railroaded. and when is the Rollins produced album being released?

  2. Help, this is one of my Holy Grail films, unfortunately my German is non-existant, to the regret of my German ancestors I assume. That said, any idea on English subs for this film, or, any subtitles at all which I could attempt to translate through Google Translate? Sorry, translate was not my idea, read it in a response to another post here on R/L though.

  3. Wendel says:

    But if is not shown on TV how will I know it is true????
    Good post for really weird reasons.

  4. Wuni says:

    Thanks a lot!

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