Tarzan-X: Shame of Jane (1994)

Directed by:  Joe D’Amato

Stars: Rocco Siffredi, Rosa Caracciolo and Nikita

Language:  English 97:36mins  + Italian 136:14mins (2 versions)

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Jungla proibita: La leggenda sex di Tarzan, Avventure erotiche nella giungla, Jane: The Sexual Adventures of a Jungle Girl, Jungle Heat, Tarzan, Tarzan – Shame of Jane, Tarzan X, Tarzan: Jane’in utanci, Tharzan, Tharzan: La vera storia del figlio della giungla

Description:  Jane and her friends are in Africa. When Jane gets lost in the woods and vanishes, she wakes up at the foot of the ape-man. One thing leads to another, apeman explores Madame and she does a little exploring herself to their mutual enjoyment. Turns out the ape man’s real name is John, and he is the son of an aristocrat who was lost in the woods 20 years earlier. John consoled himself by overthrowing everything that moves to the delight of the ladies.

Review: Couples will enjoy this, especially the finale!…. Delicious finale between Rosa and Tarzan is one of the great love scenes of adult movies. Erotic, provocative, sensual, visually pleasing. The camera angle and the position of the couple puts you in a unique viewing location, so you won’t miss any of the pleasurable encounter. This adult movie not only has great sex, but also a story line and very attractive actors and actresses, enjoying what they do best.


1.36GB | 97:36mins | 720×544 | avi | (English version)


Italian Audio Full Version


3.14GB | 136:14mins | 720×534 | mp4 | Italian

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  1. shabnam_05 says:

    very very nice and erotic good

  2. 6102grover says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. blowharderr says:


  4. Smad says:

    Any English subs for the Italian audio version?

    Any suggestions/ recommendations on which of the two is better?

  5. nitesh kumar says:

    Nice film

  6. xyz says:

    holy shit

  7. fernando adriano says:


  8. Tony says:

    “Me Tarzan, you anal.”

  9. raka says:

    Nice movie

  10. Robbytag says:

    not to miss hardcore

  11. Md ripon says:

    This move is awesome

  12. mizan samad says:

    good & nice

  13. sanjay amanerkar says:

    very nice

  14. andy j says:


  15. md.zillur rahman says:

    nice fuck

  16. arvind says:

    nice movie

  17. arvind says:

    Good movie

  18. andy j says:

    very nice n instigating.

  19. ashok says:

    I have been in the world of difference

  20. pkodandapani says:

    good movie

  21. sanjay says:

    Wow I like

  22. jason muslim says:

    1 of the best

  23. sunil says:

    i like jane fuck

  24. pankaj says:

    supar se upar

  25. Anonymous says:

    very hot the best

  26. Vijju says:


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  28. Vikki Shaw says:

    Nice very nice movies tarzan

  29. Anonymous says:

    .ilove it..

  30. anupam bindai says:

    Vary nice

  31. Anonymous says:

    i like to fuck jane

  32. pradeep kumar says:

    Movie-tarjan x shame jane. Mp4

  33. shubh says:

    awesome man…hats off to u . keep it up

  34. Arpit says:

    even ma best movie
    please suggest any such movie if available

  35. francis says:

    Very nice movie

  36. sk says:

    my best movie

  37. nick says:

    so fucking beautiful movie keep it up

  38. sankar says:


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