Other Voices (2000)

Directed by: Dan McCormack

Stars: David Aaron Baker, Mary McCormack, Stockard Channing

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: This end-of-the-millennium drama deals with the breakdown of communication, the loss of identity and the facelessness of corporate life. Phil and Anna are a young married, New York couple whose belief in their commitment to each other is on extremely tenuous ground. Each suspects the other of infidelity and even for this very modern thinking couple, this represents the worst kind of threat. But even as they feel each other slipping away, they are willing to do anything to save their relationship. Set in a highly stylized world in which no visual image, or character is random, Phil and Anna’s fractured world can’t help but implode.


single shots

594MB | 105:19mins | 640×480 | mkv

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  1. eXistenZ says:

    Thank you, Rare! I wanted to watch this for a long time. It was available on dvd in my country, but then the distribution company bankrupt and i couldn’t find it in any store.

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