Madman (1978)


Directed by: Dan Cohen

Stars: Michael Beck, Alan Feinstein, F. Murray Abraham, Sigourney Weaver

Language: English

Country: Israel | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Vhsrip

Also known as: Camp 708

Description: While trying to escape from the Soviet Union, a Soviet Jewish man is locked in a mental institution, where he gets brutally tortured for several years. After his release, he’s able to defect to Israel, and gets the chance to join the Israeli Army, even though he’s not in good condition to fight. His next plan is to seek revenge against the Russians, but first he needs to go to another conflict on the Syrian border, far from where his enemies are.


1.30GB | 95:27mins | 640×426 | mkv

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9 Responses to Madman (1978)

  1. God says:

    I was searching for this movie for a long, LONG time.
    I am a huge Michael Beck fan and I just had to see this.
    And you did it!
    Thank you very, VERY much! You website is truly one of a kind,
    an awesome library of cool, nostalgia and real cinema!
    In one word, truly – rarelust !!!

  2. eric norris says:

    it’s amazing how many people don’t know:
    1 – the New Testament was written by Jews—–first out of fear of the Romans, and then at their command—the Septuagint.
    2 – Jesus’ real name is Yeshua, and Paul’s real name was Saul.
    3 – Baptism was invented by Jews and practiced by them for centuries before the (Jewish) John the Baptist character was created.

  3. darren rosen says:

    you want that post on your website?

    • Ali says:

      It’s called “Freedom of Speech,’ a right that is rapidly disappearing in these days of so-called “political correctness…” You know what you can do with your censorship…

    • rarelust says:

      someone requested thats why posted on site

      • darren rosen says:

        i was talking about the anti-Israel/Jewish comment.

      • darren rosen says:

        i doubt Mr. Freedom of Speech would be OK with “God damn the Palestinians” or “God damn the Arabs”.

        • Lesco Brandon says:

          Wrong. It’s exactly the speech YOU don’t like that needs protecting. I don’t trust you or anyone else to decide what I see read or hear. I’m what’s called AN ADULT.

  4. KARANAZ says:

    God damn israel

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