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  1. Mastermind77 says:

    many thanks

  2. xman says:

    Extended description from net:

    Hellroller is the infamous movie about a slasher who is confined to a wheelchair and uses it to get around as he slices and dices his victims. Ron Litman stars, if “stars” isn’t too strong a word, as Eugene, our twitchy, slobbering paraplegic. Eugene is the product of a rape perpetrated on a crack prostitute by Siamese twin rednecks. (Now there’s a reality show just waiting to happen).

    When his presumed Aunt (cult figure Mary Woronov) confesses to really being his mother and recounts the circumstances of his conception, Eugene snaps and goes on a killing spree against “the normals”, meaning everyone who can walk, is supposedly beautiful and isn’t living on skid row. In addition to slashing, impaling, disemboweling and mouth-stabbing various attractive women, usually while they’re naked, our Hellroller also literally irons one to death in the movie’s most famous killing.

  3. Akusurei says:

    VERY AWESOME! I remember stumbling across this at a local video rental shop and had to rent it. Thanks, Rarelust!

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