Dial: Help (1988)

Dial Help

Directed by:  Ruggero Deodato

Stars: Charlotte Lewis, Marcello Modugno and Mattia Sbragia

Language:  English

Country:   Italy |  IMDB Info dvdrip

Also known as:  Minaccia d’amore, Angoisse sur la ligne, Grite por Socorro, Kauhu kintereillä, Paholainen soittaa, Ragno gelido

Description: A high fashion model is being pursued in an unusual way. She can’t call for help because the stalker is all telephones…Evil, angered souls have possessed the lines. They have great desire for her, and will reach out and kill anyone who stands in their way.


Dial Help.cap

1.40Gb | 94mins | 704×432 | avi


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