Beast in Space (1980)

Directed by:  Alfonso Brescia

Stars:  Sirpa Lane, Vassili Karis and Lucio Rosato

Language:  Italian | Subtitles: English

Country:  Italy |  IMDB Info

Also known as:  La bestia nello spazio, Bestia! Venus ja peto, Die Bestie aus dem Weltraum

Description:  In the future the struggle for space superiority has forced humanity to search the cosmos for a rare element called Antallum that is the key ingredient for the construction of neutron bombs. Starship captain Larry Madison and his crew are assigned to retrieve Antallum from the remote planet Lorigon. However, Madison and crew find themselves under the control of a powerful computer on Lorigon that incites everyone to have sex.


1.29gb | 92mins | 718×464 | avi

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4 Responses to Beast in Space (1980)

  1. Rogerio says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. XX says:

    For anyone who might be wondering, this seems to be the XXX edition, as it contains pornographic inserts.

  3. moreaus says:

    I am able to dowload the files but I get an error message when extracting them with win rar.

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