Trackdown (1976)

Directed by:  Richard T. Heffron

Stars:  James Mitchum, Karen Lamm and Anne Archer

Language:  English

Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info | dvdrip

Also known as:  Keine Gnade, Mr. Dee!, Kuumat jäljet, Kynigito dihos eleos, La grande traque, La oculta mano del crimen, Storbyens offer, Violenza ad una minorenne

Description:  When his sister Betsy packs up and leaves the family’s Montana cattle ranch to find fame and fortune in Hollywood, her brother Jim decides to follow after her to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. He’s a little too late, however, since almost as soon as she gets off the bus, Betsy has her belongings stolen, then gets kidnapped, gang-raped, and is sold to a pimp to work for him as a prostitute. It is now up to Jim, with help from social worker Lynn, to rescue his sister and set things right.

Review:  Trackdown…..It’s worth tracking Down to see! I saw this movie as a sneak preview at the Shores Theater in Miami Shores, Florida. It’s a “B” film sure, but it’s surprising well-acted, brutally realistic, and extremely well-acted.  In a nut-shell, an attractive blonde (played by the late Karen Lamm)leaves her country home to go to the big city and meets me a tragic ending. She is forced to become a call-girl and then is savagely beaten to death by a trick. The killer is never caught or brought to justice ala Death Wish I. Even Anne Archer in a fine early supporting role is killed off in a “surprise”. Jim Mitchum shines in his best role. Seems if he had been cast in similar roles he may have gone on to have become another Clint Eastwood. And Cathy Lee Crosby and Erik Estrada, both in their youthful prime, give solid performances. You should “trackdown” Trackdown and see it. 8 out of 10.


1.37GB | 95mins | 720×400 | avi

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