Tire pas sur mon collant (1978)


Directed by: Michel Lemoine

Stars: Vanessa Vaylord, Corinne Corson, Jérôme Foulon

Language: French | Subtitles: English, French (embed)

Country: France | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.667 | Brrip

Description: Secretaries by profession, Joëlle and Béatrice are invited to spend a dream stay in Marrakech. However, this invitation is actually the result of a misunderstanding, Joëlle having been mistaken for the daughter of her boss, an important CEO. But it does not matter after all, because once arrived there, in a luxury hotel, the two young women are determined to seduce all the handsome boys on vacation.


1.91GB | 102:34mins | 1200×720 | mkv

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9 Responses to Tire pas sur mon collant (1978)

  1. Don Pasquale says:

    I was in my twenties during the seventies and it was a different world. Most of the women were natural and thin – decades before boob jobs, plastic surgery and all the junk food and fillers invaded our grocery shelves and drive throughs. These old 60’s and 70’s films bring back tons of memories and of a time period which was much simpler than the present

  2. Robbytag says:

    the 70’s sex comedy european show

  3. Wayne says:

    They need to stop ageing too then, because staying alive forever as an old man or woman would suck, as would a world filled with only teenagers or kids.

    • Brimack says:

      A world where we stop aging once we reach 30 and never die would be perfect imo. Old enough to have matured, young enough to still do all the physical things.. Similar to Logan’s Run just without the being put to death part..

  4. temnix says:

    It’s strange. When I look at young, nimble, wonderful bodies like these, the realization is forced upon me that there is nothing more to life than indeed being young and healthy and delighting in it – as long as one can. And all stories of the other kind, the hard, dreaming, ambitious, torn, revelatory, secretive, monochrome and Technicolor – all are nothing, fluff in the wind. Because when we die, all of these glories we have created or absorbed dissolve with us. Yet the life of sentient beings seems to require the assumption that there is something more and something after – some kind of sequel where wisdom and beauty develop instead of being reset. I mean, simply, that it just doesn’t make any sense that it starts like this and ends in nothing. If I don’t get to go on, then at least let what I know and can do roll on, in some other form…

    Well, since I started talking about these things, I might as well pull my only trump from my sleeve and say that science will some day defeat death. It can, and it is moving in that direction. I don’t like science and what it made of the world, yet it is at least dragging the present by the hair to a real future where death is no more. To a real difference. How they will pity us, looking back, and how sorry for us they will feel, relieved of this horror.

    • Razorcat says:

      If I may be so bold as to quote Epicurus: Death is nothing to us. When we are, death is not come, and when death is come, we are not. Or in Heidegger’s words, Death is a self-possibility of Existence; if one is able to Exist, he can absolutely own it.

      If one can ever truly juxtapose such intersubdisciplinary nodes of thought, by reason of pure logic the only justified position is that life is all, and that which benefits a life benefits life itself. Pleasures sordid and sublime intertwine to form the tapestry that defines us, and each moment that we realise we are alive we addd a point of light in the path we leave behind.

      • teatimetuesday says:

        You guys are going so deep on this you’re both at risk of oxygen deprivation. I prefer a simpler explanation: youth is wasted on the young, except in movies where the subtext makes us feel bad about ourselves and our lives. It is difficult to see thru the ideologies that media and society construct around us when you’ve got an erection that demands to be satiated. Recommendation: go toss off in the loo and guaranteed you’ll be thinking more clearly within seconds. cheers

      • df says:

        You ought to read Death: Philosophical Soundings by Finegerette which does away with this “death should mean nothing to us because “we’d” be dead” argument.

    • Brian Mack says:

      That’s a very potent post. I’m in my mid 50’s now, and while that’s not ‘old’ per say, i had a heart attack two years ago and nearly passed away, so i feel my time drawing closer, I find myself reminiscing and longing for the past and days of our youth more and more. It like life has just flown by. It feels cruel that our youth is so short, and that while growing mentally, we physically degrade as we age. And that in the end it’s all gone.. Just dust in the wind.

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