Friend of the Family (1995)

Directed by: Edward Holzman

Stars:  Shauna O’Brien, Griffin Drew, Burke Morgan, Lisa Boyle

Language: English | Subtitles:  English | Dvdrip

Country:  USA | Imdb Info

Also known as:  Elke’s Erotic Nights, Noches eróticas, Elke

Description: Linda is having problems with her new family. Her husband Jeff and his two teenagers are making life hell, and she turns to drink and worries about Jeff having an affair. One day Elke, an old friend’s sister, appears at the door and moves in for a time. She proves to be intuitive about the family’s needs and acts as a sexual catalyst for getting the family out of their relational problems.


1.47gb | 103mins | 704×480 | mkv

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6 Responses to Friend of the Family (1995)

  1. Johnny says:

    Shauna O’Brien looks fantastic, especially as this film was made before she went for over-the-top silicone implants. Otherwise, the movie is a little slow paced, with rather short and restrained adult scenes, but the great locations make it watchable. I hope Rarelust can find the sequel ‘Friend of the Family 2’ made the following year, in which Shauna stars with Paul Michael Robinson, of ‘Emmanuelle in Space’ fame. ‘FOTF2’ has a better storyline with Shauna as a ‘Femme Fatale’.

  2. Robbytag says:

    subtitles not working

  3. Robbytag says:

    The sex scenes are a must watch especially between the father and elke and also all scenes of Lisa Boyle and Griffin Drew . not to miss any movie of Edward Holzman

  4. hansolo2099 says:


  5. don says:

    Awesome! Thank You Very Much!

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