Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979)

Directed by: Russ Meyer

Stars:  Kitten Natividad, Ann Marie and Ken Kerr

Language:  English + Commentary dir (2nd track)

Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Also known as:  Im tiefen Tal der Superhexen,

Description:  Young man works in a junkyard and restricts his sexual activities to rear end collisions, which is upsetting to his lovely but horny wife… A German emigrant plays out unusual erotic fantasies late at night… A female radio evangelist has a strange preaching style… The general plot concentrates on the junkyard employee and his wife


1.72Gb | 92:48mins | 704×560 | avi

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7 Responses to Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979)

  1. Darren says:

    hi. i was downloading the full DVD of this…got to part 6 (the last part), and its now saying the file is no longer available!!
    What is going on?

    • rarelust says:

      excuse me i have to remove dvd coz of wierd reason you can get dvdrip not much difference in print quality
      incase dvd important to you mail me i will give you dvd

      • Darren says:

        i will do that…i just wanted a physical copy is all and i was one part short. sorry for any inconveniance, and thankyou for all you do :)

  2. From Chicago says:

    Thanks for this!

  3. Monstro says:

    Thank you for sharing such a quality copy!

    This film is a LOT of fun, and is a great party movie with the right group of friends.

    It’s Russ Meyer’s last theatrical film, and he ends it by literally packing up his camera and leaving.

  4. Ivan Mora says:

    I love women on this movie… i would love to meet Ann Marie in person,some day..

  5. Ivan Mora says:

    Best movie ever!!

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