Maya (1989)

Directed by: Marcello Avallone

Stars: Peter Phelps, Mariella Valentini, Erich Wildpret

Language: English

Country: Italy | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: Avallone’s movie is full of inexplicable supernatural incidence, regular violent deaths and also throws in some steamy, sweaty sex scenes to keep its audience entertained. A Blonde travels south of the border seeking the murderer of her father who has been stabbed in the chest on an altar atop a ziggurat. She hooks up with a former associate of her father – a beachbum deadbeat deep sea diver who spends his days smoking pot and stiffing the local fishmonger and bar owner as he is always broke from gambling away his money on chicken fights and finger popping displays of hand wrestling. Also in the area are two obnoxious badly behaved American teen hoodlums They attempt to rape the hot petrol pump girl (the divers girlfriend) and become the victims of an unseen supernatural force. Further murders occur in bursts of well staged violence and wince inducing gore and more sweaty sex is had. This continues until the film reaches a fairly thrilling climax in a ritual on top of the ziggurat.


single shots

1.09gb | 94:04mins | 955×572 | mkv

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    Thanks once again for a wonderful copy and a happy new year to you !

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