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Description: Series of unrelated short stories covering elements of crime, horror, drama, and comedy about people of different backgrounds committing murders, suicides, thefts, and other sorts of crime caused by certain motivations, perceived or not.

From now i will put Alfred Hitchcock episodes in single post this will help complete series faster
at moment i am doing season6
episode 1 to 23 already posted in single posts

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A Womans Help (1961) S6 Ep24

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Scott McKay
Description: Arnold Burton hires a very attractive nurse, Miss Greco, to care for his bedridden and demanding wife


307MB | 24:32mins | 764×576 | mkv | English

Museum Piece (1961) S6 Ep25

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Larry Gates, Myron McCormick
Description: Mr. Hollister now runs a small museum that is actually something of a shrine to his late son


475MB | 24:32mins | 768×576 | mkv | English

Coming Mama (1961) S6 Ep26

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Eileen Heckart, Don DeFore
Description: Lucy Baldwin rushes home when she hears her mother has taken ill but by the time she arrives, her mother seems fine.


408MB | 24:29mins | 766×576 | mkv | English

Deathmate (1961) S6 Ep27

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Lee Philips, Gia Scala
Description: A handsome gigolo is seduced by a beautiful rich young woman to kill her older boring husband.


366MB | 24:24mins | 768×576 | mkv | English

Gratitude (1961) S6 Ep28

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Falk, Paul Hartman
Description: Meyer Fine is a casino manager who is so afraid of death that he can’t even attend funerals.


372MB | 24:32mins | 768×576 | mkv | English

The Pearl Necklace (1961) S6 Ep29

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Hazel Court, Ernest Truex
Description: Howard Rutherford is a very rich, elderly gentleman. Out of the blue, he proposes to his young secretary, Charlotte Jameson.


326MB | 24:19mins | 766×576 | mkv | English

You Can’t Trust a Man (1961) S6 Ep30

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Polly Bergen, Joe Maross
Description: Singer, Crystal Cole is being harassed by her ex-husband


573MB | 24:29mins | 718×576 | mkv | English

The Gloating Place (1961) S6 Ep31

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Susan Harrison, Hank Brandt
Description: Susan Harper is an unhappy high schooler who falsely reports an attack in the park


419MB | 23:21mins | 766×576 | mkv | English

Self Defense (1961) S6 Ep32

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, George Nader, Audrey Totter
Description: Mr. Clarke is incredibly terrified of guns being pointed at him, and feels


501MB | 24:32mins | 766×576 | mkv | English


A Secret Life (1961) S6 Ep33

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Ronald Howard, Mary Murphy
Description: James Howgill is bored with his life and his marriage and announces to his wife that he is leaving her.


513MB | 24:21mins | 766×576 | mkv | English

Servant Problem (1961) S6 Ep34

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Jo Van Fleet, John Emery
Description: An obnoxious wife finds her husband, who walked out on her 22 years ago, and tries to force him


368MB | 24:46mins | 720×540 | mkv | English

Coming Home (1961) S6 Ep35

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Crahan Denton, Jeanette Nolan
Description: A man just released from jail becomes desperate when his money


382MB | 24:36mins | 720×540 | mkv | English

Final Arrangements (1961) S6 Ep36

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Balsam, Vivian Nathan
Description: A man fed up with his invalid wife’s nagging, plans and prepays for a stylish coffin and funeral expenses.


571MB | 24:24mins | 720×540 | mkv | English

Make My Death Bed (1961) S6 Ep37

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Diana Van der Vlis, James Best
Description: When an older woman has a sexual affair with a handsome married singer, her jealous husband has murder in mind


547MB | 24:38mins | 720×540 | mkv | English

Ambition S6 (1961) S6 Ep38

Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Leslie Nielsen, Harold J. Stone
Description: A DA’s ambition for higher office may interfere with the plans of a crime boss


365MB | 24:43mins | 720×540 | mkv | English

season 6 ends

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  1. Mr Pewty says:

    This is great, thanks a million!

    Will you be going back and doing season 4?

  2. Jerszy says:

    Can you list the directors too? That was always great to find episodes directed by later-famous film

    • rarelust says:

      Hey check imdb id given with each movie to get detailed info regarding director , writer, reviews and much more

  3. locard says:

    Great! thanks for so much Hitchcock goodness

  4. OSMOSIS says:

    Just like you’re doing with TALES OF THE CRYPT–making it Its Own Thread. Thanks, Rarelust.

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