Cleopatra (1999)


Directed by: Franc Roddam

Stars: Billy Zane, Timothy Dalton, Rupert Graves

Language: English

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Dvdrip

Description: Princess Cleopatra becomes Egypt’s Queen and has an out-of-wedlock son with the son-less Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Through two romances, she strives to protect Egypt from the Romans, and make her son the heir to Caesar’s Roman Empire.

Preview Part1

1.76GB | 88:02mins | 706×572 | mkv | English


Preview Part2

1.71GB | 88:12mins | 706×572 | mkv | English

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7 Responses to Cleopatra (1999)

  1. 6102grover says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. scooby says:

    the actress playing Cleopatra is Leonor Varela

  3. Tony says:

    Cleopatra looking hot in this version.

  4. Ali says:

    I highly recommend this, in my opinion the best filmed version of “Cleopatra.” Billy Zane gives the best performance of his career as Marc Antony and classic English actor Timothy Dalton is suitably excellent as Julius Caesar…The sets are opulent and incredible, definitely the best “Hallmark Movie” production of all..The only weak link is the unknown actress who plays Cleopatra, who’s a weak actress but she is gorgeous and resembles what Queen Cleopatra might have looked like..this is Worlds apart from that rotten Netflix movie that earned them a lawsuit from the country of Egypt for portraying Cleopatra as an ugly Black woman…Highly recommended!

    • Elle says:

      I dont think it is as good as the new Netflix version which at least tried to break the formula where actors need to look exactly the same as the real life people, it certainly revealed the embarrasing level of collective racism and narcissism in our society on a a pretty massive scale, as somehow any other differences between the actor and real person they are based on are allowed, but somehow the difference in skin color is a no no, that just shows you how attached people are to skin color more than any other difference in humans. Law Suit against the company was embrassing enough, not that it did anything besides pointing finger back at the pettiness and racism of those behind the lawsuit.

      • Tom says:

        I disagree. You ever seen the John Wayne movie where he’s supposed to be Genghis Khan? Terrible. Worse than Southern Italian actors playing as American Indians in the old westerns. Historical figures should be as racially compatible with the actors as technically possible. And big budget studios should absolutely not go out of their way to cast Africans in European roles just to prove some dumb point or whatever.

      • Bob McCall says:

        Let´s level the field then and cast a caucasian Scandinavian actor to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a documentary. Paraphrasing the highly rejected Netflix version of Cleopatra “No matter what they taught you in school, Dr. King was Scandinavian royalty”.

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