Without a Stitch (1968)

Directed by:  Annelise Meineche

Stars: Anne Grete Nissen, Ib Mossin and Joan Gamst

Language:  Danish | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country:  Denmark |  Imdb Info

Also known as:  Uden en trævl, Die Jungfrau von 18 Karat, Ei rihmaakaan, Ilman rihmankiertämää, La pornovergine, Nue comme un ver, Without a Stitch of Clothing, Uten en tråd

Description:  When a high-school girl complains of her inability to reach sexual climax, her doctor suggests that she keep a diary of her sexual encounters. She does just that and soon finds herself caught up in a sexual merry-go-round that includes making a hardcore porno film in Sweden, an escapade with a German sadist and a lesbian encounter.


975mb | 95mins | 1021×608 | mkv


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2 Responses to Without a Stitch (1968)

  1. Flemming Erik Kamper Levesen says:

    only tez files work.. Great post :)

  2. Like2loook says:

    I cued this up last night. Figured it would be one of those late 60s movies that I ended up fast forwarding through because it was too tame and didn’t hold my interest. I can’t explain why, but I loved this. Thanks, RL.

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