Unforgettable Poses in Sex (2011)


Language:  English {with Russian voice over]

Country:  USA

Description:  Are you tired of the usual positions for sex? You want to gain experience, more knowledge perhaps? You want to experience the indescribable joy after sex? Then this video is for you! Take the traditional sex manual a step further by outlining entire bedroom scenarios, from seduction to sexplay to positions, including the transitions in between. Both partners learn what to do, how to do it, and what to do next–eliminating any awkward or disappointing moments and creating the sexual tension that leads to amazing climaxes


1.08gb | 103mins | 576×432 | avi | English


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2 Responses to Unforgettable Poses in Sex (2011)

  1. big_boi97 says:

    Thanks rarelust, looks good. The only down side is it has russian voice over, I will never ever understand why things like that are so popular. It would be so much better if it was two seperate audio streams, one russian and one english (out of the left and right ear). So those who want to hear only the english can still do so, as the voice over is always super loud.

  2. BB says:

    Many thanks

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