The Nether Horror Collection (1996)


Language: English/Dutch | Subtitles: french (hard)

Description: Two hours of ultra-gory short films from Europe. Killer blowup love dolls, man-eating phone booths, cannibal families, zombies, vampire waitresses, and more! Cool!

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Vhsrip | 699MB | 129:43mins | 336×256 | avi | English | Sub: french

all stories name and imdb below

The Bitch Is Back | imdb
An inflatable sex doll comes to life, attacking its owner while quoting catchphrases and taglines from various thrillers.

Burp! | imdb
A hooker is stranded at a bustop, and a man crashes his car next to a phonebooth there. The hooker is attacked by punks, but fends them off; the man is attacked by the phone, and doesn’t fare as well.

The Prodigal Son | imdb
A young male hustler gets into deep trouble.

Picknick | imdb
A man drives his blind wife to a picnic spot he hopes she won’t return from, but she won’t get out of the car.

Zombi 1 | imdb
A professor lectures his students about an island inhabited by the living dead. Meanwhile, youths staying at his house are attacked by zombies.

De vlieg | imdb
A man is annoyed by a fly he just can’t seem to kill.

Visite | imdb
An old woman dies alone in her apartment, save for her hound dog, while the young man living below her is oblivious.

Bloody Mary | imdb
A big vulgar man in black with a revolver orders beers in an empty bar from a little barmaid, who seems intimidated.

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