The Hamburg Syndrome (1979)


Directed by: Peter Fleischmann

Stars: Helmut Griem, Fernando Arrabal, Carline Seiser

Language: German | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 16:9 | Webrip

Also known as: Die Hamburger Krankheit

Description: The BRD is haunted by a mysterious, deadly plague. In Hamburg, a group of people head for an odyssey through the country to search for survivors and a rescue.


4.11GB | 104:31mins | 1920×1080 | mkv

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12 Responses to The Hamburg Syndrome (1979)

  1. BonnieBarko says:

    Upgrade, cool, and thanks for all the effort since many years Rarelust, but why not keep the earlier versions? +4GB for a tv-flick from 1979 makes only limited sense.

  2. d. miller says:

    Thanks for the upgrade it makes the end of the world bearable.

  3. riceburner says:

    “Sheeple” wearing their beloved muzzles! Maybe they line up and beg for the potentially lethal MRNA serialization injections.?!.?!
    …will have to watch this one…
    Thanks again RL, your efforts are greatly appreciated in these difficult times.

    • CalmDown says:

      Or maybe the sheeples are the ones who are so convinced they are the smart ones. Maybe just enjoy the site without injecting dumb politics into it.

  4. David says:

    Thanks for a very interesting movie.

  5. Fingersmaster says:

    No Blade of Grass (1970) is quite interesting, too. It shows how a pandemic crisis may be instrumentalised by an aspiring totalitarian regime. Worth watching.

  6. Segretti says:

    A film for our times?

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