9 Responses to The Geek (1971)

  1. XX says:

    Good lord, that premise.

  2. Maestro says:

    Vinegar Syndrome are right here in my home state. In checking their list of titles, this one is nowhere to be found. The have “Luther, the Geek” but that’s a totally different film. Unless this movie is an added extra on something else.

    Also, how is the webrip an upgrade?

  3. wisher says:

    Rarelust is this the uncut version or is it still cut?

  4. Wendel says:

    Never understood the point of this one, and that is saying a lot for porn.
    Were they trying to make a regular skin flick and go another idea in the last 15 minutes or were they trying to do a bigfoot movie and did not have enough “story” to fill the time ??

    Anyway, thanks for the post of this classic of an era.

  5. rarelust says:

    upgraded to webrip

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