Sukkubus (1989)


Directed by: Georg Tressler

Stars: Peter Simonischek, Giovanni Früh, Andy Voß

Language: German | Subtitles: English, German (embed)

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.658 | Brrip

Also known as: Sukkubus – den Teufel im Leib

Description: Sometime during the 19th century in Switzerland: After a delirious night of drinking, three herdsmen who are all alone in the alps with their kettle, create a female doll from cloth and a strangely formed wooden root. When their creation comes to life in form of an evil and beautiful female demon, they have to fear for their lives.


3.13GB | 80:12mins | 1194×720 | mkv | German | Sub: English, German

—-bluray extra—-

interview with director Georg Tressler

126MB | 18:18mins | 960×720 | mkv | German | Sub: English, German


Non-copier – discarded takes, raw material (HD, approx. 154 min., Mute)

1.94GB | 154:10mins | 956×576 | mkv

Leftovers – Unused takes, raw material (HD, approx. 259 min., Mute)

2.21GB | 259:12mins | 960×576 | mkv

Cut residues – material removed during the editing process (HD, approx. 195 min., Silent)

2.09GB | 194:42mins | 956×576 | mkv

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9 Responses to Sukkubus (1989)

  1. temnix says:

    This looks hot.

  2. Harlan says:

    The interview extra material is particularly interesting, with the director’s blatant racism and backstabbing of Germans who fed him during his career, calling Germans inhumane, with no sense of imagination, without feeling, devoid of heartfelt lust, with no artistic abilities or anything much apart from building roads and Mercedeses. Jews are needed for things humane and good and it’s been a disaster for Germany the Jews leaving the country and its film industry (as if they have).

    The film is not bad, but itself lacks the emotion and feeling, including the eroticism, that Tressler demands of German films but mostly finds in Jewish ones, like Lars “von” Trier’s hopelessly nauseating chokebone Dancer in the Dark.

    Many thanks for uploading this interview! Very interesting, indeed.

    • temnix says:

      Of course many Jews in the business fled the country after the Nazis came to power. They couldn’t get work under Goebbels, for one thing.

  3. Nathan says:

    Excellent Euro Folk Horror with some good nudity

  4. rarelust says:

    added extras

  5. Paul says:

    Thanks Rarelust.

    If there ever was a movie that needed an English track, this would be it.

  6. From Chicago says:

    Thank you, RL!

  7. HrNn says:

    Oh thank you so very much!
    watched it years ago,now looking forward in a proper way!

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