Space Is the Place (1974)


Directed by: John Coney

Stars: Sun Ra, Raymond Johnsonm, Christopher Brooks

Language: English | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 4:3 | Brrip

Description:  Sun Ra–space-age prophet, pharoanic jester, shaman-philosopher and avant-jazz keyboardist/bandleader–lands his spaceship in Oakland, having been presumed lost in space for a few years. With Black Power on the rise, Ra disembarks and proclaims himself “the alter-destiny.” He holds a myth-vs.-reality rap session with black inner-city youth at a rec center, threatening “to chain you up and take you with me, like they did you in Africa,” if they resist his plea to go to outer space. He duels at cards with The Overseer, a satanic overlord, with the fate of the black race at stake. Ra wins the right to a world concert, which features great performance footage of the Arkestra. Agents sent by the Overseer attempt to assassinate Ra, but he vanishes, rescues his people, and departs in his spaceship from the exploding planet Earth.


3.28GB | 81:24mins | 976×720 | mkv

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9 Responses to Space Is the Place (1974)

  1. Bob says:

    Awesome upload

  2. From Chicago says:

    This looks great. Going to check this one out! Thanks!

  3. Mr.G. says:

    “Black power and free Jazz collides with the fashion sense of Superfly!”., NYT described. The moment former NASA technician is on a job interview by Sun Ra is priceless,

  4. OSMOSIS says:

    First off, it’s an ODD ONE–even in the annals of Sci-Fi cinema. At the same token, it’s a RARE ONE in the fact that it’s a Black Cast Sci-Fi. Lastly, it plays the “deep, thoughtful sci-fi” tropes pretty straight. Pay no mind to the cheap SPFX–those are NOT the Stars of this excursion. Sun Ra himself, his concepts, and Christopher Brooks of Frederick Hobb’s “Magic Company” ARE.

    • Fred says:

      I AGREE with YOU — so MUCH so that I MUST “actively reply”…not JUST to the remark, but to the PASSION behind “it” — also, isn’t it AMAZEBALLS that John Gilmore — yes, THAT “John Gilmore” (!!!) is STILL alive (IT’S ALIVE!!!) and LEADING the STILL-ACTIVE “Sun Ra Arkestra” in 2022!

  5. JH says:

    Seconded, I’m very excited to see this!

  6. Mr.G. says:

    Awesome addition! Thanks (again).

    • Mr.G. says:

      PS: Sun Ra book to look for (associated with the film and the s/t LP) The Immeasurable Equation, reissued by Hartmut Geerken 2005

      • Mr.G. says:

        PS2: For Sun Ra and the Arkestra per se advisable to look for tremendous French documentary Mystery Mr. Ra (dir.F.Cassenti/1984), issued only on VHS (deleted). Archie Shepp also appears describing the man in fluent French, Valerie Mayoux english slang translation in French excels.

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