So Sweet, So Dead (1972)

Directed by:  Roberto Bianchi Montero

Stars:  Farley Granger, Sylva Koscina and Silvano Tranquilli

Language:  English

Country:  Italy |  Imdb Info | Ar: 1.85:1 | Brrip + Dvdrip

Also known as:   Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile, The Slasher …is the Sex Maniac!

Description: A serial killer is on the loose. His victims are unfaithful wives and he always leaves compromising photographs at the crime scene.

preview Brrip

1.62GB | 100:41mins | 1280×692 | mkv | English

Preview Dvdrip

1.47GB | 96:44mins | 1024×554 | mkv | Italian, English (2tracks) | Sub: English

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11 Responses to So Sweet, So Dead (1972)

  1. Andreas says:

    Seriously, complaining on a free bdrip for not having subs or italian language (when the original bd doesnt have it) and when the uploader has uploaded a perfectly fine dvdrip with these options. It is Code Red you would complain too, or even better encourage a european label to top the us release with a PAL transfer with the desired options. And if you’re downloading a rip, buy the Bluray if you dig the film.

  2. Esperanto says:

    Any way to get the previous upload? Did it have Italian audio track?

  3. Ian says:

    Plus points for upgrade compared to previous version – better print, English soundtrack

    Minus points – no Italian soundtrack, no German soundtrack, no German commentary, no subtitles.

    Odd that the makers of the BR didn’t include the original soundtrack or subtitles…

    • rarelust says:

      yep thats how Code Red released

      • Legion says:

        Code Red is an American outfit, so it’s not surprising that they dumbed down and ignored the original language and title.

        Watch the dubbed version with a bucket of chicken, and afterwards throw up on Code Red.

  4. AlfaRomeoGiuliaSuper"Poliziotto" says:

    Better video but only english audio and no subtitles. I’ll stay with previous upload.

  5. Eddelon says:

    Ojalá se pueda conseguir el audio italiano y los subtítulos. Muchas gracias.

  6. Eddelon says:

    No se podrá conseguir el brrip con audio italiano y subtítulos.
    Desde ya muchas gracias.

  7. Mansoor says:

    wow! Sylva! Thanks a lot lot lot…

  8. rarelust says:


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