Red Sun (1970)


Directed by: Rudolf Thome

Stars: Uschi Obermaier, Marquard Bohm, Sylvia Kekulé

Language: German | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Germany | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.665 | Brrip

Also known as: Rote Sonne

Description: Thomas hitchhikes from Hamburg to Munich where he meets his ex-girlfriend, Peggy. As Thomas doesn’t have a bed for the night Peggy takes him home, not knowing that she and her four room mates have all made a strange pact.


2.31GB | 89:06mins | 1798×1080 | mkv | German | Sub: English


====bluray extras====

Rote Sonne Between Pop Sensibility and Social Critique” 2022 visual essay by author Johannes Von Moltke

193MB | 20:39mins | 1198×720 | mkv | English


From Oberhausen to the Fall of the Wall” 2022 visual essay by film programmer Margaret Deriaz

507MB | 49:53mins | 1136×720 | mkv | English


Select Scene Commentary from 2001 with director Rudolf Thome and Rainer Langhans, actress Uschi Obermaier’s boyfriend and Kommune 1 member who served as inspiration for the film and was on set for the shoot
(in German with English subtitles):

– “Setting Up the Film” (7:50)

– “A Film That Speaks to Young Generations” (10:46)

– “Filmmaking Looks and the Remake” (3:26)

– “A Pioneer of Female Emancipation” (7:11)

– “The ’68 Movement” (3:36)

– “Marquard Bohm” (2:46)

– “Irm Hermann” (2:25)

– “Schwabing Riots” (4:00 )

– “Actors” (3:00)

– “Werner Schroeter” (1:01)

– “The End” (2:00 )

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5 Responses to Red Sun (1970)

  1. Bruno says:

    Thank you RL!!!

  2. Mr.G. says:

    Uschi from the Amon Duul commune, later w/Keith Richards, there’s always something interesting in RL!

    • Mr.G. says:

      Fantastic addition. This is deliberately on the other end of today’s ultra-action films were your mind stops to function from info overload, same happens here due to inaction zero-load!! Talk about the settings are more interesting than the plot, murals described as “comic-strip panels”, four ultra chicks that you don’t sleep with you rather …fall asleep with (the exact with today’s porn overload). The extras (social critique) great food for thought, RL delivers!
      Time for summer vacation now, cheers!

      • Mr.G. says:

        …oh, I should also mention the commentary list is deliberate separated to jump-cut to scenes instead of (die) watching the film, let alone live in the 1970 post-war fake Germany!!! A Wim Wenders fav! Cheers.

  3. ji says:

    Incredible your work!. Lot of thanks for it.

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