Nikki Fatale – Erotic Hypnosis – Siterip

Nikki Fatale – Erotic Hypnosis – full siterip – including full Because & Control series

Nikki Fatale complete collection of mp3,s found on the web, neatly sorted and listened to Are you new to this or wondering what it’s all about or where to start?
Scroll down for more info.

This Erotic Hypnosis Pack includes the following series:
Because series
Control series
Satin Angels series
In-rapture series
Black Room series
Frenzy series
Orgasmic escalator series

Other tracks: 3D erotic vision, erection, erotic dreams, erotic dreams sleep, hypnotease erotic blowjob, journey into submission, male masturbation, mind games,
mistress unveiled, nice&naughty, resist or surrender, nikkis quickie, simple submissive pleasures, strawberry jam, the crystal and the spiral.

I discovered the world of erotic hypnosis a while back, firstly stumbling upon Isabella Valentines Jackpot. After trying that out a couple of times
(took me a few listens to achieve a hands-free-orgasm) I got intrigued and blown away by the whole concept of erotic hypnosis. I finally found a new medium to feed my porn addiction =)

About: (Nikki Fatale)
As a powerful and seductive Domina, Nikki uses her natural skills of seduction and temptation along with her silky smooth voice to guide you through her realm of sensual erotic hypnosis play.
Her sessions are some of the best that can be found on the internet with regard to content, trance technique, and technical production value. As you explore here,
you will see that some of her sessions are vanilla in nature, while others give you a glimpse into the experience of submission to a very special and sexually dominant lady. Most of all,
Nikki just loves to have fun as she plays with the open and eager minds of hungry boys and girls. So, don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming addicted to her voice as your erotic fantasies are explored and experienced.
But don’t worry, you are in very good hands, and you will cum to love the sensations as they massage and caress your thoughts.

What is erotic hypnosis and where do I begin?

Erotic hypnosis is the sexual interest in hypnosis and similar forms of mental persuasion or mind control. Reducing inhibitions and increasing arousal are the most common goals of erotic hypnosis.
Basically its hypnosis performed by a woman who has the goal of increasing your lust and exploring your erotic fantasies with combined erotic story-telling

I would recommend you to start with the Because series to see what it’s all about. The Because series is pretty vanilla but the triggers implanted there are used in her more erotic sessions, which then is more intense and experienced better.

My own personal thoughts on which order to listen to the sessions:

1. Mistress Unveiled (great for beginners)
2. Because series (introducing hypnosis)
3. Satin Angels series (more story-telling introduction)
4. Control Series (experience the triggers implanted in Because series and get blown away!)
5. Frenzy series (feel the sexual frenzy)
6. Now you have most of the triggers implanted and can experience the more erotic sessions with a lot more satisfaction.

And FINALLY: In-Rapture series (where u can experience a hands-free-orgasm from everything you’ve learned).

Inside Pack preview

Full Erotic Hypnosis Pack 2.39Gb

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  1. ian says:

    Very Powerfull trygger submissive Hypno Session !!
    10 stars/10 don t miss , just dl , relax and enjoy ;)

    Nikki is can soft or hard session , she s very talented and she have amazing voice ??? !

    It s my favorite Mistress.

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