Latitude Zero (1969)


Directed by: Ishirô Honda

Stars: Joseph Cotten, Cesar Romero, Akira Takarada

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.40:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Ido zero daisakusen

Description: A journalist is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200 year old man who takes him to an underwater paradise city where no one ages. That’s when monsters and mutants sent by the captain’s rival, a 200 year old scientist, attack.

Preview English Audio International Version

1.88GB | 105:32mins | 684×340 | mkv | English


====dvd extras====


Preview Japanese Audio Version

820MB | 89:25mins | 720×302 | mkv | Japanese | Sub: English


Latitude Zero Interviews featurette

265MB | 22:59mins | 640×480 | mkv | Japanese | Sub: English


Deleted Scenes (SPFX shots)

429MB | 28:10mins | 708×310 | mkv | English

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9 Responses to Latitude Zero (1969)

  1. From Chicago says:


  2. jma says:

    Thank you for all the extras.

  3. Chris says:

    Is the Japanese audio version different besides language? Extra scenes? Thank you

    • rarelust says:

      Latitude Zero of 1969 was the first, and I believe only, Toho tokusatsu (effects-driven film) shot in English, for an English-speaking market, and only groomed for Japanese release afterward. So the “proper” version of the movie, and the longer cut (by 15 minutes), is the English language one. And it’s that one that we’ll primarily look at now, though in my zeal for completeness, did watch both cuts. The biggest difference between them – besides the psychological gulf that comes from watching a rinky-dink B-movie with subtitles, something that for most cinephiles insistently confers a presumption of class – is that the English version is a bit more expansive and clearer, with the connecting ideas given a bit more expression. The vibe one gets is that the producers assumed that American audiences needed a bit more coherence and storytelling rigor than the Japanese. Which is almost certainly true. Also, I just used the words “coherence” and “storytelling rigor” in the context of Latitude Zero, which is an outrageously daffy thing to have done.

  4. Robbytag says:

    thanks for add ons

  5. dmiller says:

    Thank you. This is a great addition to my collection. You do this so well.

  6. OSMOSIS says:

    Joseph Cotton, Richard Jaekel and some of TOHO’s Greats are COOL, but for ME, the REAL STAR is Ceasar Romero in his “Post-BATMAN” Pure Super Villain BEST as “Malik”. (Oh, and Thanks For The Great Years of Awesome SPFX and Just Being ULTRA COOL, Teruyoshi Nakano-Sensei—RIP.)

  7. Noah Body says:

    A classic!

    Looking forward to the extras on this one :)

    Thanks again.

  8. rarelust says:


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