La Bonne (1986)

Directed by: Salvatore Samperi

Stars:  Florence Guérin, Trine Michelsen, Cyrus Elias

Language: Italian | Subtitles:  English

Country:  Italy | Amazon Info | Imdb Info

Also known as:   I ypiretria, Karmasik hisler, Pecados de Uma Mulher Casada, Rouva ja palvelustyttö, The Corruption

Description: A beautiful wife, neglected by her husband, her sensual maid, who holds the reigns La Bonne is an affair , an exploration, of desire, of force, and control..


1.57Gb | 83mins | 955×572 | mkv

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4 Responses to La Bonne (1986)

  1. Sax_93 says:

    The resolution is 672×572 not 955×572

  2. BonnieBarko says:

    It’s a beautiful movie, first class camera work and very good performance of the actors generally.
    As some reviews leave the impression that La Bonne is a softporn with fetish elements I just want to make clear that La Bonne (“The Maid”) is the story of a neglected and naive woman who is curious about the sensual and down-to-earth maid but gets carried away in adultery simply to break out of her stiffling life.

  3. misterwho says:

    i love ever bit of this movie

  4. Raymond says:

    SRT subs available at Subscene

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