7 Responses to Indecent Beast (1994)

  1. Robbytag says:

    Good nudity and sex scenes. the print maynot be good, but who cares. watch for the beautiful heroines and passionate love making

  2. Damar3478 says:

    Is there any possible to upload it in better quality? Indecent.Beast.1994.LDVDRip- I mean this copy. Do You have it? I found it on chinese forum, but I can’t download :(

  3. Gary says:

    Wu Qishan’s sister commit suicide by cutting her wrists after being gang raped, Wu vowed revenge, getting close to the target one by one with her beauty and kill them in bed. Boyfriend is responsible to investigate these crimes, to search for the mysterious serial murder, after a while investigation comes to light, the murderer is …


  4. Lol3r says:

    Please put description of the movies. I need to know what kind of movie I’m downloading.

  5. AmitKhanna says:

    Please upload more “HK Cat3” movies

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