Horror Express (1972)

Directed by: Eugenio Martín

Stars:  Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza

Language: English  + Commentary (2nd track) | Subtitles: English (embed)

commentary with Stephen Jones and Kim Newman

Country:  Uk | Imdb Info | Ar: 1.659 | Brrip

Description: An English anthropologist has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastes of Manchuria which he believes may be the Missing Link. He brings the creature back to Europe aboard a trans-Siberian express, but during the trip the monster thaws out and starts to butcher the passengers one by one.


2.45GB | 87:46mins | 1792×1080 | mkv



====bluray extras====

Chris Alexander on 2011 introduction

33MB | 6:50mins | 854×480 | mkv | English


Ticket to Die Steve Haberman on Horror Express” 2018 video appreciation

47MB | 8:31mins | 854×480 | mkv | English


Night Train to Nowhere Ted Newsom on Bernard Gordon 2018 video appreciation

89MB | 15:08mins | 854×480 | mkv | English


Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express 2011 interview with director Eugenio Martin

70MB | 14:03mins | 854×480 | mkv | English


Notes from the Blacklist 2005 interview with producer Bernard Gordon

140MB | 30:31mins | 854×480 | mkv | English


Telly and Me: John Cacavas, Composer” 2011 interview

40MB | 8:09mins | 854×480 | mkv | English

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5 Responses to Horror Express (1972)

  1. Roberto Garcia says:

    Thank you for this upgrade!
    I saw this horror classic on open TV, a long time ago. Some years later, I could record it, on a VHS tape, when I watched it on Retro Channel (an Argentine TCM) available on DirecTV.

  2. Bill says:

    My favourite part is that Telly Savalas acts like he is in totally different movie. And the train crash is good, too.

  3. Ariel Bender says:

    Yes, excellent upgrades on some of my favorite crazy AF films. This wacky number is all over the place and I love every minute of it. “God Told Me To” was another I was glad to see updated. I throw these rollercoaster rides in the ‘Phantasm funhouse’ school of film making.

  4. Tony says:

    Massive upgrades today. Thanks so much.

  5. rarelust says:


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