Halls of Anger (1970)

Directed by: Paul Bogart

Stars: Calvin Lockhart, Janet MacLachlan, Jeff Bridges

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip

Description: An all-black inner city school has to become an integrated school. Few dozen white kids are transferred there, but the black students are aggressively opposed to this. The school then approaches a tough black teacher for help.


single shots

1.39gb | 99:46mins | 853×462 | mkv

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4 Responses to Halls of Anger (1970)

  1. John says:

    I’m here because I saw John Oliver mention this on his show.

  2. Wendel says:

    Another fine film lost in the dustbins of Hollywood.
    All the press of the time was on the White schools in Boston being forced to integrate. But the black schools were not any more thrilled at the idea. The Washington DC area had a lot of race riots when the black students wanted to stay in their neighborhood schools.


    • OSMOSIS says:

      I remember catching only the last 30 minutes of this film–by accident, ‘natch!–thanks to channel flipping (SHOWTIME ran it when I caught it). And, yea–I never even knew it existed, because, like you said, black films of quality just get tossed into the Hollywood ether. And, ALSO from DC, I was the generation that started school–just after–most of the racial turmoil in the school system (I entered the “premier” HEAD START year, in 1966–just missing the true turmoil by 2 1/2 years.)…although, at the time, we still had “Black Schools” and “White Schools” only a block, or two, from each other (as was MY School-s). And, to RARELUST–Keep on Rocking and bringing out these gems just like this.

  3. Joe Greer says:

    Mr. Hart was a true Hollywood gem. I never head of this one before thanks.

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