Girl Chef (2011)

Directed by: Lilawadee

Actors: Wongwarut Tantragul, Kalaya Nonsungnoen, Naphat Majchagua

Language: Thai

Country: Thailand

Also known as:   lok  lo laew chuad

Description:  A girl who has been abused by her stepfather has moved in with her sister. But here she is further abused by her sister’s boyfriend. In the end, the has prepared a revenge on the men who abused her.



1.07gb | 85mins | 704×400 | mp4

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2 Responses to Girl Chef (2011)

  1. mizterx says:

    Hey do you have any of the uncensored versions of these films? they’re miles better! I found a bunch on youporn etc but the quality is really bad in them. would be so thankful for uncut dvd quality thai films. they’re hot af!

  2. Johnny says:

    thank you for all the Thai films..! / do you maybe know a Thai film called ??????????????? [Very Good Friend] which was a hit in Thailand and the Thai society was upset? the location and the resort owner was quick located ans finally he got a fine (20K THB) for renting out his resort hut to them / if you can upload this film would be great!!!

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